10 Beauty Looks From The ’00s Every Teen Girl Tried To Copy

We all looked GREAT

1. The Head Scarf

Buying these was easy, figuring out how to tie them on the other hand….

2. Frosted White Eyeliner

The Huffington Post / Via i.huffpost.com

So much ~*shimmer*~

3. Chunky Highlights

American Idol AND Hair Idol

4. Thick, Colorful Eyeshadow

Your mom did not let you go to school like this.

5. Stick-Straight Hair

No volume or body allowed.

6. Body Glitter

The middle-school dance must-have.

7. Crimped Hair

When you wanted to look like a rocker because you were about to see Rooney with your OC friends, you crimped your hair.

8. Lizzie McGuire’s Bangs

You wanted them so bad, got them, and then wanted to cry forever.

9. Quirky Pigtails

s3-ak.buzzfeed.com / Via Buzzfeed

Pigtails+Walkman=’00s Goddess



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