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14 Reasons Jessica Jones Is The Hero 2018 Needs

If we're gonna make it through 2018, we're gonna need all the feminist superheroes we can get. TG Jessica Jones is back on International Women's Day, March 8 — only on Netflix!

1. She thinks "talking like a lady" is complete horsesh*t.

2. And she commands the respect of male coworkers.

3. She's super in touch with her feelings.

4. She's not into conspiracy theories.

5. Sometimes her badassery threatens traditional masculinity.

6. She doesn't care who's "uncomfortable" discussing women's issues.

7. She's totally chill as a confident single woman.

8. There's no way she's gonna let society define her identity.

9. She's not here for intolerance.

10. And she's definitely not here for male entitlement.

11. She's got some pretty strong opinions about men who abuse positions of power.

12. Some really strong opinions, actually.

13. When the stakes are high, she's all business.

14. She knows that what makes her different is exactly what makes her special.

All Images Courtesy Of Netflix

On March 8, International Women's Day, Jessica Jones is back! Watch Jessica confront her mysterious past only on Netflix!

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