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Super Last Minute Gift Ideas

'Twas the night before the day the mall is closed for Christmas. You can't order anything online-- so here is a last-minute gift guide that can knock some of those christmas socks off!

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Makeup is my go-to for most special occasions. Birthdays. Mother's Day. Raffle prizes. And dudes, this is a great present for Christmas. Luckily, some of the 24-hour drug stores carry great brands like NYX makeup, Smashbox and Benefit Cosmetics.

Gift cards or money!

Yes, money can be tacky but I think with a solid heart-felt note it could be a great gift.

Gift cards are a better option because you can really choose according to your recipient from iTunes and Amazon to the more generic types like pre-paid Visa. Do your research and say that this is a little something towards a bigger ticket item they have their eyes set on.


Perfect if you don't want to deal with the mall. Most locations are open late tonight and from 8-5 on Christmas eve. It's the lesser of two evils. And they have great stuff like sparkly crystal encrusted phone cases, gadgets for your house and car, blu-rays, and depending on your budget (or your desperation) playstations, x-boxes or tvs.

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