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Signs That You Need A Cupcake Immediately.

Because I'm sitting here thinking about a cupcake.

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It's consuming your every thought

Via giphy

Just give it to me!

Everything reminds you of a cupcake

... even those freshly cut strawberries you brought for lunch to avoid having sweets.

It's just so close.. you can taste it!

Via giphy

You kinda wish this was you.

Actually, you wish this was you a whole lot!

You're not feeling like your usual self.

That succulent delight WILL be yours!

The Simpsons

Maybe thinking about a sandwich will be better.

30 Rock

God! Tina Fey is a genius!

You even think about the etiquette of eating it.

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You choose a cupcake over the Fassbender!

This is our affirmation that we might have a problem.

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