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New Year Resolutions From Nicki Minaj Gifs

Happy New Year Barbs! Sometimes we need help sticking to our new goals in the new year. These Nicki Minaj gifs will keep you motivated all year long.

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Work on your fitness.

Every year it's on the list and every year I lose motivation, but with the Pink Print on our iPods I think our anacondas will be sticking to this goals.

Enjoy the outdoors more.

Hiking. Biking. Camping. Just being one with nature.

Be more enviromentally friendly.

By using your bi-pedal talents you can simultaneously get more fit and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Meet new people.

Not online. Not on Tinder. Like going out and meeting actual human-people-things.

Keep that makeup on fleek.

Precision makeup is not going anywhere anytime soon. So pluck and groom those eyebrows. Apply your favourite vampy lipstick. Impress the world with your enhanced beauty.

I am practicing my winged eyeliner as we speak.

Be more domestic.

Why not attempt those food pins you saved. Bring on the cooking and baking. Move over Betty Crocker, the Barbs are in the house.

Eat better.

You can even make a meal plan with all your new skills learned from the kitchen.

Invest in the important things in life.

A ballin' automobile. I'm sure it's a hybrid....

A ballin' automobile.

I'm sure it's a hybrid....

Your dream house.

Your dream house.

and some goodies for yourself too.

Work on your flirting skills.

Some valuable dating advice from Nicki:

"But if u ugly, it's a no text zone, it's a no sex zone, It's a no flex zone."

-Nicki Minaj, No Flex Zone Remix

Make time for romance.

and, if you look like this CALL ME PLEASE.

Start a retirement plan.

401K bae.

No matter what happens in the new year just remember to do what's right for you. Plan for your future. Make goals to be a better you. Create a life you are proud of.

Thank for the inspiration Onika

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