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Moments Of Zen With Jon Stewart

Retirepocalypse 2015 is among us.

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Today we bid farewell to the legendary newsman-comedian, Jon Stewart. For over 16 years, Stewart ended his show with a 'Moment of Zen'. Now it's our turn to look back when he was the source of our Zen.

When He Helped His Co-Workers Find The Zen!

Correspondent, Jessica Williams' face says what our heart feels when Jon is around. *JOY*

When we realized he is a life-long hottie.

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...and possibly a vampire!

When he is your #MCE... that's #MANCRUSHEVERYDAY!

Your Moment of Zen, Mr Stewart With thx from all of us to all of you cc: @TheDailyShow @iamjohnoliver #BigQuinoa :)-

It was pretty spectacular.

Even Arby's is ZENdified!

Sometimes Jon's jokes about us were hard to digest, but we kept watching #TheDailyShow anyway. #JonVoyage

New York Times Feels Me.

Back page of A section of @nytimes. Lovely & Sad. #JonVoyage

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