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9 Times When Cats Were Better Than You.

Warning: after cooing for the cuteness, you might get depressed. You are warned. Now proceed.

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2. The time they got their own shoes for Keds.

Meet Olivia Benson (aka Taylor Swift’s kitten) modelling Keds. These darling shoes are part of Taylor Swift's Keds shoe line and can be yours for a mere $55 bucks.

(I might have to add to the list: the time when they wore more expensive shoes. And the time they landed a dream job.)

3. The time they got their own makeup line.

This is Karl Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette.

We will learn (and hate) more about this privileged feline later.

Choupette is the muse for Shuue Mura cosmetics. The line was announced in September 2014, and will include cleansing oil, an under-base mousse, eye and lip palettes, glitter powder, blush compacts, a brush set, a silver makeup trunk, nail enamel and an eyelash curler with a Choupette charm in the shape of a stamp.

7. The time they got a better table than you.

Choupette's life is better than ours in general. Here she is dining at her "choice" table with Chanel designer and her "daddy", Karl Lagerfeld.

When she isn't dining in style, she can be found using her Apple iPad, as an admirer of antique lace and shopping.

8. The time they travelled in PRIVATE JET!!

According to Wiki:

Choupette has two "beloved" maids, Françoise and Marjorie, (a task that includes taking care of her hair and other beauty jobs) and keep a diary of her activities and moods for the reference of Lagerfeld and an on-call vet. Of the two maids, Choupette is said to prefer Françoise.

You can follow Choupette (and sob uncontrollably) on Twitter and Instagram @ChoupettesDiary.

I never been SO jealous/wanted to be a cat more UNTIL....

9. The time they made more money than you.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that the Grumpy Cat empire is worth $100 million in gross revenue so far.

She also garners over 15 million views on YouTube, 6 million likes on Facebook, 228,000 Twitter followers, more than 433,000 Instagram followers, a TV movie and a national commercial, all in less than two years.

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