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The Best Of Christopher Pike

Before there was the blood and guts of today’s horror movies and TV shows like ‘Smash’, we had to get the crap scared out of us by reading in our bed, under a sheet, with only a flashlight. That was mainly because our parents got divorced and our moms, now single, insisted we could only afford the lights on for two hours a night. Here are the top 6 most bone-chilling books by the King of the Literary Teen Scream, Christopher Pike.

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The very first book that “sparked” Pike’s career, Slumber Party is your classic story of gals gettin’ together for a sleepover, someone dying in a tragic fire, remaining gals gettin’ together for another sleepover a year later (classic) in a cabin in the woods (super classic), gettin’ trapped in a blizzard and gettin’ haunted! Moral of the story: never trust the rich new girl, she’ll burn you. Also the moral: Mindy’s are always annoying bitches!


Wait a second. A group of kids did something last summer and now have received mysterious letters from someone who knows what they did? That sounds a lot like the movie, which sounds a lot like the book published by Lois Duncan in 1973 which is this exact story - CHRISTOPHER! Alright, we'll let this one slide.


Pike’s most popular books were about vampires?! Teens HATE vampires! And they especially hate falling in love with sexy, sexy vampires! Pike tried in vain to stop teen vampire fiction in its tracks by claiming that these were, indeed, the LAST vampires, but no one listened to the OTHER Christopher when his posters for The Dark Knight Rises read “The Legend Ends. I’m Serious Guys. Make This The Last One.”


My personal favorite, I read the first book of this series at least 10 times. “Remember Me” plays on every teen’s secret fantasy of being dead and spying on your friends and family from the afterlife. Just me? Shari Cooper was not only young and pretty, she was dead and could fly. And she HAS TO FIND OUT WHO MURDERED HER BEFORE...well...I guess there isn’t really a timeline, but, like, soon.


Jean just wants to enjoy her vacation and a little scuba diving, but the ghost of supes cute Mike needs her to solve his murder! But that’s not as fun as the FUN FACT! that this book was released in audio form in 1994 with Kelly Ripa in the starring role as Jean.


Pike’s books do indeed get dark, but this one is just straight up friends killing and framing friends to get some money. Isn’t that always the reason you try to murder your friends? Just me? FUN FACT! “Fall Into Darkness” was made into a TV movie in 1996 starring 90’s teen dreams Tatyana Ali and Jonathan Brandis! Why haven’t they made every single Christopher Pike book into a movie?!

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