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RIP These Tasty 90's Beverages

The 1990's really took some chances with liquid. Some of these are still around, if you have the time to search.

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Good morning!! Pepsi A.M. was Pepsi's attempt to win coffee drinkers over in the mornings. Unlike Coke Blak which was actual coffee-flavored cola, Pepsi A.M. just had a little bit more caffeine than usual. Also, remember Nutri-Sweet?!! We were so crazy back then!


SURGE!!! Surge was Coke's answer to Pepsi's Mountain Dew, although there are NO similarities other than the color, packaging, high-energy effect and "hardcore" image. But that's it. Except everything else.


Aww, Coke, what are you doing?? The Coke you drink today is actually "Coca-Cola Classic", which is what happened when New Coke failed hard. Was it all a ploy to make us realize how much we loved the original? Only God can answer that and he drinks Pepsi anyway.


NO LIST WOULD BE COMPLETE without the mother of 90's libations - Clear Pepsi. Another marketing ploy, another failure. But I will always associate my youth with this fleeting beverage. And how it cost 25 cents out of the vending machine at high school. Rest in peace, sweet cola prince.

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