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    65 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Still Get On Amazon

    Just because you're late to the game doesn't mean you can't still get that special someone a ~great~ gift.

    1. A copy of The Golden Girls Cookbook filled with more than 90 recipes — including naughty Blanche collard greens, jazzed-up turkey meatloaf, and lingonberry trifle — all inspired by Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia.

    A reviewer holding the cookbook

    2. Or, an unofficial Disney Parks cookbook and drink recipe book because everybody knows Disney has ~delicious~ food and drinks, but who wants to spend like $5 on one churro?! With this book, they will be able to create their own Mickey Mouse-shaped beignets, Dole Whips, and over 100 other recipes. This gift keeps on giving…if you're lucky they may even make you a treat to try!

    3. Orrrrrr, a 100-page blank cookbook so they can fill it with all their beloved family recipes that everyone knows are superior to any store-bought recipes.

    4. An elegant matching bralette and lace undie set that is actually comfortable unlike many other lingerie sets. Plus it's so cute they will never want to take it off (or even cover it up).

    5. A variety pack of the legendary and splurge-worthy Carbone Pasta Sauce with four flavors included: arrabbiata, garlic, marinara, and tomato basil, so no matter which pasta ~vibe~ they are going for they will have the perfect sauce for it.

    6. A dazzling pair of dangling earrings that will twinkle almost as bright as their eyes when they first see these gorgeous jewels.

    7. A Love Lingual Card Game filled with 150 conversation-starting questions so they can start exploring deeper connections with you whether you are newly together or have been married for years.

    8. A classic PlayStation console complete with two wired controllers, a virtual memory card, an HDMI cable, and 20 preloaded classic games for some real ~nostalgic~ vibes.

    a reviewer holding the compact console containing the games with a normal controller

    9. A hammered gold metal handmade garland designed to look like the stages of the moon are floating on their wall.

    The garland hanging above a bed

    10. An ergonomic and compact Shiatsu back and neck massager to give them the deep tissue massage they've been dreaming of whenever they want instead of just a skimpy 50-minute one they would get at a real spa.

    11. A deck of Disney Villains Tarot Cards and Guidebook if they want to dabble in fortune telling to see where this relationship is going to take them. May the cards be forever in your favor...

    A reviewer holding the deck of cards

    12. A pair of light-up chopsticks so they can add a little extra fun to mealtime.

    Two models battling over rice with the light-up chopsticks

    13. A delicate and detailed 24-karat gold-plated baguette rhinestone ring that will add a dainty ~pop~ of sparkle ✨ to their current jewelry stack.

    14. A pair of Apple AirPod Pros so they can jam out to songs at the gym, on a plane, or wherever else they happen to be. These are designed with active noise cancellation, transparency mode for hearing the world, and three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a perfect fit…all that to say, yes, they are worth the price.

    A reviewer holding the AirPod case with the headphones put away in their designated spot

    15. An extra large blanket that is perfect for them to snuggle up with their friends, and also would make an amazing blanket fort. This bad boy measures in at 10 *feet* by 10 *feet,* like, my brain can't even comprehend how amazing it would be to have a blanket that ginormous.

    Four models drinking and eating popcorn under the grey blanket
    models using the purple blanket and couch cushions to make a fort

    Big Blanket Co is a small business that specializes in selling absurdly large blankets.

    Promising review: "I was nervous that I was overindulging, but I bought it for myself for my birthday and I haven’t bought myself anything in years. Yes, years… I’m not going to lie this is the best thing I have ever bought. EVER. Sooooo worth it if you enjoy a good movie night on the couch." —Cate

    Get it from Amazon for $159 (available in six colors).

    16. A pair of Dearfoams shearling slippers so they can have perfectly warm and cozy feet without worrying about them becoming sweaty and unpleasant.

    17. A set of silky-soft satin pillowcases designed with their delicate skin and hair in mind. These will have them waking up refreshed and ~almost~ as put together as basically any character in a movie during those *I woke up like this* scenes.

    18. A giant variety box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates because what says Valentine's Day more than chocolate?!

    19. A water-resistant Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker with 15-day battery life (!!) for anyone who cannot seem to remember to charge their electronics. Plus this band is compatible with Alexa, so they can set reminders, add items to lists, get answers to simple questions, and more, all from their wrist (it's giving Spy Kids)!

    A reviewer wearing the fitness tracker in black

    20. A totally soothing Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock so they can stop being jolted awake by an (always) alarming *BEEP* right in the middle of their deepest dreams.

    A reviewers lit alarm clock on their nightstand

    21. A screaming goat because there's no way anyone could receive this and not immediately have a smile on their face. Is it vaguely dumb? Yes. But is it very entertaining? Absolutely.

    A close up of a reviewer's goat

    22. A very handy book that may even just include the answer to what the meaning of life is. But seriously, they will definitely learn a lot about the world, maybe even get answers to some stuff they've been too embarrassed to look up.

    A copy of Can Holding In A Fart Kill You?

    23. A compact, waterproof coffee mug warmer to put an end to their constant game of finally sitting down with their coffee just to realize it's cold and needs to be microwaved, again. Nothing is more upsetting than trying to have a warm drink just to realize it's lukewarm at best.

    A mug filled with coffee placed on the pink warmer

    24. A Celestial One Line a Day journal so they can finally stick to a journal without being overwhelmed by the thought of writing multiple pages a day. After five years they can take a stroll down memory lane with these quick little blurbs from every day.

    25. A pack of ultra-moisturizing face masks formulated with rich extracts and soothing essences to hydrate their skin while also bringing a smile to their face from the adorable characters.

    26. A lace and mesh bodysuit with a satin waist band that is loved by reviewers of all different body shapes and sizes.

    27. An awesome portable mini projector that uses LED lights to deliver 1080p full HD so they can have an epic movie theater experience in the comfort of their own home.

    28. A crystal wine decanter so they can impress all their guests at their next dinner party with their ~classy~ drink choices.

    The crystal wine decanter

    29. A collection of the best New York Times crosswords categorized by day of the week so they can choose whether they want an extra challenge (from the Sunday edition) or something more simple (from earlier in the week).

    The New York Times Crosswords book

    30. A pack of Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers so every shower they take can become a spa-like experience with a scent to match their mood.

    A reviewer holding the box of six shower steamers (blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, mint)

    31. A dazzling disco ball planter to bring a little extra ✨sparkle✨ into their house and make their plants the envy of every other plant in the neighborhood.