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    40 Products To Keep Your Pet Occupied And Out Of Your Fourth Video Call Of The Day

    If your house is already overrun with pet toys, just know it's better to ask forgiveness than permission…at least that's been my motto while writing (and buying from) this list.

    1. A rolling cat kicker toy filled with a blend of catnip, valerian root, and silver vine AKA a magical concoction of a kitty's favorite things. This will surely keep your cat entertained for hours, and when (if) they get tired of it, it's surely just because they wore themselves out.

    Cat holding the kicker toy
    The three different sizes scratchers in four different colors laid on the floor
    Hoff-n-Paw Pet Toys / Etsy,

    Hoff-n-Paw Pet Toys is a small business based in Chicago, Illinois creating unique, handmade and eco-friendly toys for cats.

    Promising review: "Very happy with this! I got the small size, which works well as a roller toy. Both of our cats like it, but it works particularly well for our blind cat. The internal rattle helps him track it, and he can grab onto the textured sisal really well. Highly recommended, especially if your cat has sight issues!" —nutmegmeg

    Get it for Hoff-n-Paw Pet Toys on Etsy for $15.25+ (available in three sizes and four colors).

    2. A chew toy designed with a squeaker only your dog can hear. 🙌🏼 Now they can be having the time of their life playing with their fave toy without your coworker asking what that sound is that's been interrupting your Zoom call. Plus with its chew-resistant lining, this toy will last more than just 20 minutes.

    reviewer's puppy sitting with it's paws on the green toy
    a reviewer's dog laying with the purple elephant toy

    Promising review: "This product is amazing! We can’t hear the squeaker but our dog can from the other room and comes running to play. He also is an aggressive chewer and quickly rips through even 'tough' toys. This toy has lasted several months and he has only ripped off the felt accent pieces. No rips or tears! This is our dog's new favorite toy, and ours too! A must-have!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in five animal characters).

    3. A cat donut tunnel that will have your kitty doing circles chasing toys, siblings, or even just their tail. Once they've tuckered themselves out enough they can curl up on the top of it for a cozy nap. BRB gotta add this to my collection…OK I'm back and I'll see this bad boy in three business days.

    A reviewer's cat upside down inside the light grey tunnel
    a reviewer's cat curled up in the top portion of the cave

    Promising review: "My cats usually like the boxes better than what’s in it but not this time! They LOVE this thing! The only bad thing is I’m going to have to get another one because they are fighting over it! My large cats fit just fine inside it and they love to chase each other in circles. Great invention!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $49.99+ (available in two sizes and two colors).

    4. A hamster accessory kit so you can create a tiny kingdom that seems like a whole new world to your little buddy. Your hamster won't even know what to do with itself when it sees alllll this new space to explore.

    A reviewer's hamster cage with the multi-colored accessories attached to it
    A reviewer's hamster in the blue wheel

    This set includes loop-the-loop, outhouse, snap-on comfort wheel, fun-nel tubes, and rings

    Promising review: "The mice love this critter trail activity set. It increases their area to move around and they love the wheel. They're exercising on the wheel all the time! It's a great addition to the critter trail habitat. Putting it together was easy as each piece snaps together. The activity set is also easy to clean. Each section of the activity set comes apart so you can clean it and then you just have to snap it back together when done. I love it but more importantly, the mice love it!" —LittleK

    Get it from Amazon for $22.27 (also available in different variations).

    5. A wooden chew toy for parrots and other large birds to keep them occupied instead of singing their songs all day trying to convince you they need fun toys too! 

    Promising review: "I have a blue front amazon parrot, and he spends coutless hours chewing and playing with this toy. As with other toys, a parrot's delight is in tearing and chewing up any top I get him. I have trouble finding toys that will last more than a day or two, this one he has been playing with for a couple of weeks, and I think it will last him more than most toys." —Greta L. Oliver

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99 (available in two color variations).

    6. A multilevel cat tree designed with enough space for everyone in a multi-cat household to find their own special spot. Plus with the scratch ramp and dangling ball they will have fun playing with toys they are supposed to play with, rather than your furniture or power cords.

    Promising review: "This cat tower is really cute. My kitten played with it immediately and tried to help us build too. I like that it has multiple places to scratch and a cozy spot to hide." —Brittani P.

    Get it from Amazon for $55+ (available in two colors).

    7. An interlocking toy created with a unique design that can be used on its own or combined with another to play with your pup in so many different ways or to let them have some fun and engaging solo time.

    model and doggie playing tug of war on the grass with two interlocked falcon toys
    the green falcon toy with kibble coming out
    the pink falcon toy with peanut butter in the side cavity
    Fable Pets, Fable Pets

    Fable Pets is a family-run small biz seeking to revolutionize the pet space by creating safe, innovative, and intuitive dog products.

    There are two cavities in this toy: one that can hold dry treats and one for spreadable treats (like peanut butter or pumpkin puree).

    Promising review: "My dogs love this toy! Keeps them busy for far longer than other toys. Bought one at first to see if it was a winner and immediately had to purchase a second one. Seems super durable, as well!" —Rachel P.

    Get it from Fable Pets for $23 (available in nine colors).

    Psst — the pro tip is to buy multiple so you can promote independent play with one, and then interlock multiple together for interactive play (like tug-of-war).

    8. A subscription to Dog TV because you're obsessed with watching TV, so why shouldn't your pup get to experience that too? There are different curated categories that range from relaxing to calming to entertaining so no matter their mood there is something they will love to watch.

    Dog TV is available to stream on popular streaming devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku, so you won't even have to buy any new equipment! 

    Get a monthly subscription from DogTV for $9.99 (also available as a yearly subscription for $59.99, usually $83.88).

    9. An interactive cat toy designed to keep them stimulated with the springy mouse toy or rolling the ball around the base. Let them get out their playfulness and hunting instincts on this toy instead of your toes under the covers.

    A reviewer's cat with its hand inside the toy
    Another reviewer's four cats all mesmerized by the toy

    Promising review: "This is our kitten's new favorite toy. The little mouse part comes off and easily gets put back on, which is nice because otherwise they would have broken it off when tumbling with the whole thing." —Kelli

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in six colors and with or without an additional squeaking toy).

    10. A 2-in-1 Kong Jumbler ball perfect for solo play time or a quick game of tug-of-war between meetings. Plus there is a squeaker and tennis ball inside so they won't hesitate to chew it trying desperately to get them out. 

    two little doggies run and play with orange Jumbler ball with tennis ball inside
    a golden retriever running with the red ball
    Chewy, Chewy

    Promising review: "This is probably the favorite toy ball of at least one of our Australian Shepherds. She runs around with it like it is her baby. We throw it and she loves to go after it. It has lasted outdoors in the winter and summer heat of the south for almost three years. We just purchased a new one. Wouldn't be without one." —Cher

    Get it from Chewy for $14.99+ (originally $15.99; available in two sizes; color will vary).

    11. An activity mat with different sections of ruffles and pockets to keep your pup stimulated while they hunt for treats or to help them slow down from finishing their food .5 seconds after you put it in the bowl.

    Reviewer's two dogs playing with the activity mat
    A reviewer's dog laying on the mat to show the ruffles, and other hidden pockets

    Promising review: "My puppy LOVES this mat! He gets super excited whenever he sees it. He sometimes doesn't like to eat his kibbles in his bowl, but he has so much fun finding and eating kibbles when I hide them into this mat. I heard nose work is also good for reducing separation anxiety in dogs, so I give him this mat whenever I need to leave more than two hours. He deals with separation way better with this. I'm 100% satisfied!" —Bom

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99+ (available in two sizes).

    12. An interactive laser toy perfect for keeping your cat occupied and your finger safe from cramping like it does when you use a manual laser. Just turn this on and the random laser motions will lure your fur baby in and keep them occupied. 

    Don't worry, this will turn off automatically after 15 minutes to prevent overstimulation, plus by that point they'll be so worn out and ready for a nap anyways.

    Promising review: "My cats love this. It sure beats finger pressing against the laser pointer! This can be hung from door knob or placed on a shelf. My cats quickly learned the light comes from the white ball and when I approach it they start to chatter and get ready. It moves around in a random pattern which keeps them moving. Bought another for a friend's cat and they love it too." —Kindle Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $21.95+ (available in four variations).

    13. A tough, extreme bone to challenge and test even the sharpest toothed doggo in your life. This incredibly durable (and not to mention delicious) bone is made of nylon and has no artificial preservatives, so you can feel good about your pup gnawing away at this for hours in the corner of your office.

    Promising review: "Our new dog has been chewing through every bone and toy we give her as well as a few things we'd rather she didn't chew. This bone is awesome! She has been gnawing on it for several days and it's still in one piece, with no signs of splintering. When the time does come for a new bone I will definitely be ordering another one! Excellent product!" —Awesome

    Get it from Amazon for $7.59+ (available in five flavors and three bone shapes).

    14. A pop-up, collapsible cat tunnel set so your kitty can ~zoom~ through and pounce on its toys (or maybe your other pets) on the other side. 

    a reviewer's white cat in the blue tunnel
    Reviewer's two cats sitting with the blue play tunnel

    Includes one square tent house and one tunnel that can be used together or separate.

    Promising review: "My cat loves his tunnels and cubes! I ordered a second one so I can build a tunnel system for him to have even more fun. He'll jump on them, jump over them, run through them, lay in them... I'll dangle his wand toy on either end, and he runs back and forth through the tunnels to get his toy. He loves the cubes, too, whether they are attached to the tunnels or not. He likes to chew on the edges of the openings and has poked little teeth marks through the fabric, but it does not look like it will rip. This tunnel stays stiff and straight and doesn't make crinkle noise. I have a different tunnel from a different company which can bend and make crinkle noises which he likes just as much. They can all rip-rap together, so I can create all kinds of fun tunnel adventures for him. He likes the little ribbon dangle that is inside the cube, too. He seriously LOVES these things! It's a lot of fun to play with him with these as well as to watch him entertain himself with them." —W H

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    15. tower ball cat toy with rolling balls on multiple levels so they can hunt four prey at one time, without any supervision needed.

    Promising review: "This stray kitten showed up at my house just before Christmas. I tried to find her a home but my home is now her permanent home. She is incredibly high energy and enjoys torturing me and my 15-year-old male cat so I was looking for toys that she could self entertain with. She loves this toy and spends hours a day playing with it morning, noon and night." —Kathy

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in three- or four-tiers and five colors).