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    • jessicah124

      I enjoyed most of these statuses, most of them I would totally share on social media haha. I don’t agree with shaming people because of their beliefs, or because they’re not embarrassed to say what’s on their mind. Maybe the author is jealous these people are not ashamed to be themselves in public? If you believe praying can help you find something you’ve lost, that’s absolutely fine. I see statuses like that all the time and I pray because I believe God cares about the little things. If you don’t agree then that’s also absolutely fine, but why get angry or rude and attack those you disagree with? I pray about everything, from when i have a cold, to losing my wallet. That doesn’t mean I stop looking or i don’t take medication when I’m sick, but I believe God will come through for me (like He always does) & will provide an answer / help me. I have a lot of respect for people who are not ashamed to be themselves. :)

    • jessicah124

      We shouldnt be living in constant fear of offending people, because honestly, its impossible to please everyone and that shouldnt be your goal in life. HOWEVER, I think the point of this article was to address how saying certain phrases like “she asked for it” and “no homo” arent about offending the odd individual, but are symptoms and causes of oppression of a huge amount of people who have lived with prejudice, judgement, inequality and sometimes out-right abuse their whole lives. Rape speak SHOULDNT be normal or okay, it is never funny. Prejudice against minority and non-privileged groups is not okay. Before you make the judgement that someone is being “overly sensitive” or “too PC” think about what they may have been walking through, and what the silly comment may actually say to them. Listen. What we say is important, it shows us what we really believe about ourselves and others, and what we think is normal. Changing what we say can actually change a culture, you can make a difference. Lets make a new normal.

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