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    8 Memorable Investigations We Published This Year

    A con man who snagged an Ebola cleanup contract and a pig farmer who turned to arms dealing. A warehouse empire and laws that imprison battered women. A recluse at the heart of a Hollywood scandal and a coal miner dead from black lung. The year in Buzzfeed News investigations.

    Mr. Ten Percent: The Man Who Built — and Bilked — American Soccer — Ken Bensinger

    The Elusive Man at the Heart of a Hollywood Sex Abuse Scandal — Ellie Hall, Nicolas Medina Mora, David Noriega

    How a Pig Peddler Helped the U.S. Flood War Zones With Guns — Aram Roston

    Battered, Bereaved, and Behind Bars — Alex Campbell

    Last Breath — Chris Hamby

    Warehouse Empire — Jessica Garrison

    Shakeup at the NSA — Aram Roston

    The Con Artist Hired to Clean Ebola — Alex Campbell and Andrew Kaczynski

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