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How To "Product Hunt"

Whether you have a product that’s screaming for attention, or you’re just a tech junkie like us, Product Hunt’s platform is an important tool for entrepreneurs. We hope that you’ll reallocate tonight’s “before-bedtime” social media usage to exploring new products on the Product Hunt app. You can either risk double tapping an ex’s selfie that’s 55 weeks deep or you could geek out on the newest technology. We know where your loyalty lies.

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4. Join the conversation.

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Posting and commenting privileges are granted by existing members of the community through an invite system. Ask a neighbor for the hookup. This is when you find out who your real friends are. (Or hit us up on Twitter @bigdoornetwork)

5. Add a product.


Anyone that has been invited to comment in the Product Hunt community is able to submit products to be upvoted and featured. After logging in, click the "+" button in the top right and submit the product's URL, name, and tagline.

7. Features on the home page. / Via

Trying to get your product featured on the home page? The features on the front page are driven by the community. The ranking algorithm takes into account numerous factors, including time since posting and fraudulent voting.

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