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8 Ways Technology Can Turn Your Crappy Day Around

May all of your technology dreams come true. Click on the photo to purchase the gadget!

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1. Too Wasted From Last Night To Make Breakfast?

Never fear, you too can be a mini-Rachel Ray with this toaster & egg poacher. Get it in a 2 slices & 1 egg model…. or 4 slices & 2 egg model if you’re anything like Ron Swanson.

2. 2) You Can Stand Under My Umbrella, Ella, Ella

You’ll wish for more rainy days with this cool tech gadget called Air Umbrella! There’s no canopy but the rain is designed to go around you with either a single or double fan layer. So go ahead, turn a gloomy rainy day into a scene from Singing in the Rain.

3. Enter A World of Pure Mobile Imagination

Picture it. You wake up, unlock your phone, and BAM - an amazing new wallpaper based on what you love. This is bitmado, and it delivers serendipity and fun to your phone all day - effortlessly. (Oh, and this is the only thing on the list that’s free.) You’ll be happier than Charlie finding the golden ticket…

4. Alfred Pennywroths & Geoffreys of the World Can Now Take a Break

Because your doorbell now has gone the route of ATM’s & self-service checkouts with Doorbot. Using the almighty power of Wi-Fi, once someone rings your doorbell you instantly get audio or video sent your phone - even if you’re thousands of miles away!

5. An Invention that Would Serve Well in Winterfell

Yuck, who wants to drink cold coffee? With this USB cup warmer you can forgo your woes this winter, becoming the envy of all your co-workers and Cookie Monster with this awesome-sauce oreo warmer...for entirely different reasons obviously.

6. Become a Master Bartender, Instantly

Screw pricy bartending classes. Who needs them with this multi-gadget cocktail tool? It’s like the swiss-army knife for your inner Ke$ha….or Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

7. Sleep Like a Baby Once Again

Pesky neighbors? Annoying outside traffic? Hungover? Just slip these sleepphones on, plug them into your music player, and you’ll enter a zone of zen. Thanks, ear pajamas.

8. Finally Find Waldo

Okay, maybe not. But what you can do is forget about spending precious minutes before work searching for your car keys and finally find that thing you’ve been searching for like...years - all thanks to Key Control. Just place a sticker on those keys, give it a label, and you’re all set to go!

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