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Putting Utah on the map.

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If you live in Utah, you’re aware of the latest press pickup covering Utah’s uprising startup scene – and if you claim to the 801 you’re not surprised. But if you reside outside of the beehive state, then you may not be aware of this state’s recent attention. Housing champion unicorns like Domo, Pluralsight and Qualtrics, Utah is breeding a warm pool of creativity between its glacier mountains. While its natives are proud to represent the west side (hollah), is Utah a household name to the rest of the world?

Here’s to giving Utah the attention it deserves with five qualities unique to the mountain state that trump Silicon Valley and benefit young entrepreneurs:

1. People Stay in Utah

Unlike the valley, Utah tech companies hold a far less employee turnover rate than the golden state. While there might be a larger pool of talent to pull from in California, loyalty wins the war. In-state hires, culture, and investing in local experts and talent all might be good explanations to Utah's high employment retention rate. Your job is secure kid!

2. Cost of Living

Like most cities outside of California, Utah's cost of living lends for more self-investments and less monetary stress. A whole 42% gap in the cost of living between San Francisco and Salt Lake City might just be the break starving young entrepreneurs need.

3. Techstar Neighbors

After just an eight hour drive east, you'll find yourself in Boulder, Co amongst partners of the top trending startup incubator, Techstars.

"Utah is one of my highest focus areas. Typically, about half our companies come from the coasts or the Chicago area, and half are from the Rocky Mountain region. In the past, that Rocky Mountain region is mostly coming from Colorado, but we're starting to see more and more great companies coming from Utah. I think it's an up-and-coming hotspot for entrepreneurs," says Techstars Boulder managing director, Natty Zola, in an interview with our friends at Beehive Startups.

QuotaDeck (now Outro) and, both Utah affiliated startups, have already ran their way through the Techstars accelerator program.

4. Safe Innovation Zone

Utah's smaller pond, provides a longer runway and a safer fall for innovation. Think of it as your first petri dish. Beta test your product on a smaller group of consumers before bringing it to the masses where your results are only variables.

5. Deeper Relationships

Instead of fighting for attention in the deep blue of Silicon Valley, everyone in Utah's silicon slope community is one degree away. Placing a young, wise, hungry entrepreneur in this type of environment can result in an anomaly. Team is key.

Considering all that Utah has to offer, the romantic notion of a struggling entrepreneur is only cute for a moment. A coddling community feels safer than facing the reality of resistance. That's what divides the cutting edge from the cutting close. So, let Silicon Slopes be your launch pad. But do smart work. Go create. Put Utah on the map.


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