10 Craigslist Ads That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

Craigslist is a whole new kind of creepy. Click on the screen shots for the full posting.

1. Free Weave

Because I’ve always wanted a second hand weave.

2. Duck Rentals

Because who doesn’t want to have a crazy beer pong-duck chasing party game? DUH.

3. Missing Prosthetic Leg

Because we’ve all wondered how much Koreans would charge an amputee for a pedicure.

4. For Trade: Belly Button Lint

Because we’ve always wondered how much we could sell our cavity lint for.

5. Male Furniture

Because this isn’t abuse at all…

6. Hippie Palace

Because the amount of hipsters in America is outgrowing the amount of living space available…

7. Magical Horse (Does Not Include White Old Spice Dude)

Because every girl dreams of having a “magical horse”…

8. Free Broken Parachute

Because everyone needs to experience a broken parachute every once in a while….

9. Butt Shaped Squash

Because I’d be lucky if my butt looked half this good.

10. Pope for Hire!

Because the Dalai Lama was already taken.

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