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8 WaysBoard Games Can Improve Your Life

Board games are not just a great way to have fun. They are beneficial! Board games can actually make you more awesome. Here are 8 things board games can teach you:

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1. Team Work


Games like Elder Sign, Mice & Mystics, and Forbidden Island are have everyone playing on the same team. Whether you win or lose directly ties with how well you all work together to kill the monster, find the treasure, or save yourselves from sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

2. Critical Thinking

Board games have rules; sometimes lots of them. Some games such as Abalone or Hive ask you to solve puzzles to and form strategies against your opponent in a similar way to chess. Others like Agricola or Lords of Waterdeep ask you to manage resources to fulfill your goals. If you want to win you have to think ahead, consider the outcomes, and factor in how many meeples your opponents has left.

3. Risk Management


Taking risks are essential to many board games. Just like in real life, your actions will have consequences. Do you leave your old, comfortable job for something potentially better? Do you ask out the person you have a crush on? In a board game the choices may not be as life changing, but in a game like Pandemic, when your next move could save the world or potentially send it to its plague-born doom, you still have to weigh all of your options to find the best choice.

4. Community

Board games are inherently a social activity. Nowadays you can find meet-up groups, cafes, conventions, and the global board game community is never more than a click away so you never have to play alone. Forming bonds with the people around you teaches you social skills that everyone from your co-workers to the people you ride the bus with. It can also be a lot of fun to get to know someone you just met while laughing together at the adorable panda in a game of Takenoko.

5. Good Sportsmanship


Just like any competitive activity, if you want people to continue to play with you, then you need to be a gracious winner and accept defeat when it is your time. No one likes hanging out with the guy who flips the table regardless of if he won or lost.

6. Acceptance


Everyone has been there when the die rolled right past that number you needed. It can be infuriating. You might blame your luck or even claim your dice are cursed, but if you spend all your time angry at the randomness of games you will miss out on all the fun of playing. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The great thing about board games is you can always start fresh, reset the board, and play again.

7. Decision-Making

You don’t want to be the person who holds up the game. All eyes on you, poorly concealed groans of frustration as you waffle between picking up a cube or playing a card. Sometimes you just have to decide. Board games encourage you to trust yourself and take chances. You can’t play the game if you never make the decision.

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