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11 Years Of Nerdy Birthdays As Told By DIY Gift Wrapping

Every year I wrap my husband's gifts as something fun. This comes from when I first started dating my husband. I bought him a pool cue for his Birthday and I went to his best friend's house to wrap it. His pal also had a bunch of presents for him.We came to the conclusion that my husband would guess almost immediately what I had bought him from the shape of the gift. So we had the brilliant idea to combine all the presents into one MEGAGIFT. This megagift ended up having the shape of a gnome so we rolled with it. Now ever year the presents are wrapped as something else.

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Link's Sword and Shield

2008: We both love Legend of Zelda. The shield actually the gifts. I ended up painting it under a bed to hide it from him before his birthday. It was our first year living together in our new apartment and this would be the year he proposed to me.

Companion Cube

2013: I try to challenge myself each year. Making a companion cube from scratch wasn't too bad except for the beveled corners. The real problem was the rush paint job I had to do. There is a great guide here:

for making your own paper companion cube.

So many years, so many gift boxes. I wonder what this year's present will be.

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