10 Things You Do When You Start Collecting Board Games.

Board games change your life in subtle ways and eventually you find yourself doing things you might not otherwise consider.

1. Buy a ridiculous amount of plastic baggies and organizers.

Suddenly going to the Container Store becomes much more interesting.

2. Become obsessed with animeeples

They are kind of adorable.

3. Know what Animeeples are.

4. Drool over Geek Chic furniture.

They have a drawer for EVERYTHING…

5. Shun games like Life and Monopoly.

Those games ruin friendships.

6. Believing that your dice are cursed.

(Also known as: Alea Maledictus. Roleplayers are also known to suffer from this belief.)

7. Develop muscles from hefting your games over to your friend’s house.

Who needs kettle bells when you have a backpack stuffed with a days worth of board games in it?

8. Live in fear of the cat running across your game.

You are one turn away from winning. You have carefully crafted your army and spread your pieces across the entire board. That is when you see the ears beginning to poke up over the edge of the table. Panic chills your heart…

9. Start cataloging your collection like a librarian.

10. Coming to think of Kickstarter as a pre-pre-preorder system.

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