14 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolution Diet Never Sticks

Why you will most likely cave and be done with your diet by February.


2. Because you agreed to happy hour which is obviously a bad idea.

You know there won’t be much you can eat so you tell yourself “it’s gonna be a chicken caesar with no croutons or dressing, a vodka soda and that’s IT.” Then Becky orders fries for the whole table…fucking Becky.

3. Because some asshole invented Cronuts.

4. Because you got invited to a wedding with an open bar. Plus cake.

So naturally, fuck it.

5. Because you just need a cheat day…

Or seven…

6. Because you’re eating gluten free, but opps! You ate ALL the gluten free cookies in one sitting.

7. Because you had a really bad day and the only thing that makes it better is 16 ounces of froyo. Amiright?

Load. It. UP.

8. Because you’re on a road trip and your ONLY option was a BBQ Ranch Burger from McDonald’s.

Not packing granola bars or fruit or anything…


At first you’re mad, but then you’re just eating them.

10. Because you eat well all day then come home from work and…

11. Because you fantasize about food.

12. Because you’re on your period and it’s just NOT gonna happen this week.

13. Because every day is a new day in your kitchen.

14. Because all you wanna do is get whacked…

Whatever that means.

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