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    Tiktok Star Mei Pang On Navigating Her Identity, Going Viral, And Living Your True Self

    The Malaysian Canadian creator is an example of how you can create your own space on the internet.

    If you follow BuzzFeed's A*Pop on Instagram, you may have seen us chatting with Mei Pang, a makeup artist and content creator based in Ontario, Canada.

    You've most likely seen her before on social media without even realizing. Her tattoos, shaved head, and striking beauty looks definitely leave a lasting impact.

    Or you may have seen her walk the runway at Rihanna's recent SavageXFenty show.

    She also has a wonderful elderly cat named Latte.

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    Mei Pang

    For those that are longtime subscribers of Mei's YouTube channel (myself included) you may remember her slogan of sorts: "My name is Mei, like the month, and this is my cat Latte, like the drink." Latte, explained by Mei in one of her YouTube videos, is an 11-year-old large cat that she adopted from a shelter. And Mei's followers love her as much as they love Mei.

    A*Pop, BuzzFeed's API identity brand, hopped on an IG Live with the creator to chat about her philosophy surrounding beauty standards and labels, how it has been navigating her identity in the public eye, and more.

    Here are some of the things we talked to Mei about:

    How She Got to Where She Is Now

    View this video on YouTube

    Mei Pang

    Upon first glance, Mei's looks are show-stopping. When asked what the inspiration behind her bold beauty looks, shaved head, and symmetrical tattoos is, she had a multi-part answer that dug into all the details:

    Starting with her hair, the short answer is that she "just wanted to stop paying for shampoo, honestly." The longer, more in-depth answer touches upon her identity and the attachment she had to her hair: "I used to have hair all the way down to my hips, and I held so much identity in my hair, like my beauty was based on how good my hair looked that day. I realized that I put so much time, money, and effort into my hair, and that's how I felt pretty as a kid. So I decided to cut it off. And I shaved it all off one night. It's been five years now, which is insane to say."

    With her tattoos, her story is one that will resonate with tattoo-havers. Mei always knew she wanted tattoos, and once she got her first ONE she couldn't stop herself from getting more. Her first tattoo was on her stomach and was inspired by celebrity icon Rihanna. When asked why she decided to keep all her tattoos symmetrical, she mentioned her second tattoos and what followed after: 

    "I got my second tattoo on my arm, but when I walked out of the shop I just felt unbalanced. Like, something was hidden. So I got a tattoo on the other side, and 80 tattoos later we're here and fully symmetrical."

    As for her beauty looks, she takes inspiration from her environment and surroundings. Mei mentioned various sources of inspiration such as her friends, other creators in the beauty space, and "wackier points in the world," which led her to once do a makeup look based on a couch she saw being thrown out on the side of the street. 

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    How to Live Your Authentic Self

    Mei is living through what brings her joy, and we encourage you to live through what makes you happy, whatever that may look like to you. Let us know in the comments what living your authentic self looks like!

    You can watch the full live interview here, and you can find Mei on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

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