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    26 Weird But Wonderful Products That Reviewers Awarded A High Rating

    Because you don't know how handy an ice towel or a radiator cleaning brush can be until you've got one.

    1. This cold sweat towel keeps you cool whether you're in the gym or hot at home.

    2. This quirky kitchen towel holder would make a cool addition to your countertop.

    3. If there's a cat lover in your life, you might want to treat them to these spoons that clutch the side of your mug!

    4. Dare I say the words already, but if you're already thinking ahead to Christmas, then this novelty desk tidy comes highly rated and would make a fun secret Santa gift.

    5. Cheese lovers really rate this cheese making kit. It makes ten tasty cheeses including mozzarella, halloumi, and even burrata!

    6. Your BFF probably needs this mug, I won't lie.

    7. This massage roller ball claims to relieve tight and sore muscles. Judging by the reviews, it's pretty popular with customers too.

    8. Cat owners will surely appreciate this amusing card. Keep it stashed away for last minute birthday emergencies.

    9. Bath lovers will struggle to resist these delectable doughnut bath bombs.

    10. This Burt's Bees lip balm set comes shaped like a glass honey jar. It contains three lip products and – let's face it – it's adorable!

    11. Give tired furniture a little TLC with these furniture pens. They allow you to colour in scratches and touch up patches without the need for painting – genius!

    12. These unique solar powered bee lights would look ultra pretty in your garden.

    13. This dust cleaning gel looks deeply satisfying to use, and it comes highly rated by purchasers.

    14. Now that I've tried a jelly cleanser, it's my preferred face wash texture. This one has hydrating coconut and cleans the skin without leaving it feeling stripped.

    15. These sleep headphones might not look the most stylish, but if you can listen to music while you snooze, then who really cares?

    16. This microwave steam cleaner might look funny, but its cleaning powers are no joke.

    17. If you love your fragrance diffuser then this set of dessert scented oils will probably be an urgent 'add to basket' situation.

    18. Tea lovers, this one's for you. This set of Taylor's of Harrogate assorted teas includes flavours such as sour cherry, rose lemonade, and sweet rhubarb – yum!

    19. This moon lamp is unusual but gorgeous. It would look great on a desk or console table.

    20. If you're going away, then this travel jewellery organiser can be pulled out to display your items, and then folded down into a bag for when you're on the move.

    21. Bag ties don't have to be boring, just ask these doggy ones. I mean, if you don't think their sticky out tongues are cute, are you even okay?

    22. Have you looked down your radiator recently? I'm willing to bet that you probably haven't, so you might want to invest in some radiator cleaning brushes ASAP!

    23. Looking for a cute kids' gift that isn't your standard teddy bear? This avocado plush toy would make a unique present.

    24. This candy floss syrup would make a super sweet addition to dessert time. It can also be used in hot chocolates or coffees – be as adventurous as you like!

    25. These stain erasers can be used to remove marks and dirt from a variety of surfaces.

    26. Clear milk carton-style water bottles are in RN and look great for staying hydrated on the go. This one has a high rating and is super stylish.