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    I Tell Anyone Who'll Listen About This Waist Hot Water Bottle That I Use For Period Pains, Keeping Warm, And My Over-30-Year-Old Achy Back

    At £9.99, it's one of the hardest-working products I've seen.

    🧶 Let me tell you a little about me... I basically hibernate under a blanket each winter because I'm truly a summer girl through and through. I'm also prone to pesky period cramps, so while I'm there, I'm basically glued to my hot water bottle for a few days each and every month. 🧶

    🫖 Whilst I love, need, and truly appreciate a hot water bottle, I have two main issues with them. The first one being that when I turn over in the night, it moves position. The second is that I wish I could carry it around with me whilst I go about my day or mooch around the house hands-free. If this also sounds like you, then keep reading...🫖

    🐨 Let me introduce you to this cute koala waist hot water bottle! This genius invention has a velcro strap that you can adjust round your waist, so you needn't worry about moving or not being able to carry your water bottle around with you. It also can be used multiple ways, so if you get achy shoulders or are prone to cold hands, it's got you covered! 🐨

    🫶 What's more, if you're a fan of an oversized knit or a sweatshirt in winter, then this handy invention can be popped on underneath. The adjustable velcro strap can be made looser or tighter depending on how you plan to wear it. It can also be used around your neck or even to warm your hands thanks to its clever built-in pouch. You can also remove the water bottle and get a separate cover if you wanted the option to use it as a standard hot water bottle too! 🫶

    💖 If you're over 30, and anything like me, you'll probably appreciate that the waist can also be whipped round so that the water bottle sits against your back. Basically, the cost-per-wear on this under-£10 purchase has been minimal for me, and we're not even in the depths of winter yet. 💖