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    40 Very Satisfying Products To Try If You’re Over 30

    Because who knew that sensible things could be so flipping exciting?

    1. This bin powder that smells of fresh linen will probably excite you if you're that person who remembers which day the rubbish goes out. It kills 99.9% of germs and helps to soak up leaks too!

    2. This cheap but very cheerful stainless steel potato chipper makes your potatoes crinkle cut! It can also be used on veg too.

    3. These sage green duck toast tongs are not only a super useful way of removing your brekkie from the toaster, but the green colour also makes them so on trend.

    4. This pack of three identity theft prevention stamps allow you to cover confidential info easily.

    5. Whoever knew that keeping track of whose bin is whose would be such a drama. Well, you can remove yourself from neighbourhood confusion with a set of wheelie bin numbers.

    6. If you're over 30, chances are you live for a decent cuppa, so these powerful descaler sachets that can be used in your kettle are a true bargain at just £1!

    7. Speaking of a brew, this teabag squeezer comes highly rated and will help you make an outstanding tea.

    8. These highly rated self-heating chamomile eye masks use gentle steam to relieve tension and strain on the eyes.

    9. If eggs are your favourite way to start the day then this 3-in-1 electric egg cooker will help you to perfect poached and boiled eggs, as well as omelettes!

    10. If the lazy person in you hates turning off the light at night, then this handy gadget could be just the thing you need. It connects to an app and sits next to a switch so you can control the function by tapping your phone – genius!

    11. This plastic hair trap is something I'm pretty sure only real grown-ups would get excited about, but it has rave reviews and costs less than most takeaway coffees!

    12. I'm sure you probably haven't thought about getting a nifty banana cutter before, but would you just LOOK at how easy it makes slicing your fruit look?

    13. This set of two stainless steel sporks would be handy for lunchtimes if you're returning to the office. The double ended spoon and forks are heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and also come with a storage pouch.

    14. If you're a cleaning lover (or even if you're not!) and you haven't tried Viakal limescale remover spray to get rid of water marks, then you probably should add it to your basket now, just saying.

    15. If you're clumsy with pouring milk, then this set of two milk top pourers could be just the thing you need. They attach to most plastic milk bottles and help you to add a splash more easily.

    16. Now that you're an adult you can treat yourself to *fancy* chocolates every now and again – these cocoa dusted ones are delish and it looks like Amazon reviewers agree. They'd make a pretty good gift for anyone thinking ahead, too.

    17. This super handy pan that allows you to cook multiple different items at once would be ideal for fry-ups and it'll save on the washing up!

    18. This hard working multipurpose spatula comes super highly rated from Amazon customers. It has a built in bowl rest, easily scrapes dishes, and the notch on the spatula head can be used for cleaning whisks!

    19. CeraVe has been a much hyped brand on TikTok recently, so this super highly rated eye repair cream that contains three ceramides and hyaluronic acid is worth a try to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

    20. If you hate the dark winter mornings but still have to drag yourself out of bed, then this daylight mimicking lamp might just make getting up that little bit easier.

    21. I don't know about you but I'm all for an easy life, and this set of two stainless steel ball whisks claim to help you stir batter, beat eggs, and whip cream with ease. The balls give you control, and it has a hook on the end so it can be hung for easy storage!

    22. If you're forever wondering what to cook and CBA with extra washing up, then The Quick Roasting Tin book that contains 30-minute one dish dinners is a great buy.

    23. If you want to be able to cook spaghetti in the microwave on lazy days then you probably should add this microwave pasta cooker and strainer to your basket.

    24. If you're looking for an easy brow taming solution for those dark early mornings then take a look at this eyebrow wax fixing pencil. It consists of a colourless wax that shapes, tames, and fixes unruly brows.

    25. This fabric and sweater comb would be perfect to remove fluff and enhance the appearance of your jumpers now that the colder weather is coming.

    26. Having cold feet is the worst, so these air activated insole foot warmers that provide up to eight hours of warmth sound like they'd be a wise adulting investment.

    27. If you dislike using hand sanitiser but worry about hygiene whilst on the go, then these soap papers would be a wise buy! Simply add one to your hand, lather, and rinse with water.

    28. If your fave pair of jeans don't fit any more then these button pins can be added to your denim to add space or reduce the size of the waistband! There's no need for sewing, and it takes just a few seconds to add or remove them – my mind is blown!

    29. This rubber jar grip will help to make stiff lids easier to grip and open.

    30. This wearable nail polish bottle holder will make a DIY mani so much less hassle!

    31. The organisation lover in me thinks that these self adhesive push in cloth holders would be an ideal addition to my kitchen.

    32. If you're someone who likes to be prepared for every eventuality then you might want to check out these compressed face towels. They open up when immersed in water for a few seconds, and they're compact enough to slip in your handbag or take on trips away.

    33. If you love using straws but hate the fact that you can't easily clean reusable ones then listen up! These mega useful straws open up, meaning you can snap them apart to clean inside – OMG!

    34. If you're a dedicated plant parent then this set of four frog garden ties that secure your greenery are pretty fun.

    35. These fancy gold and silver coloured playing cards are waterproof meaning pre-drink spillages won't spoil your deck!

    36. This much loved caramel sauce has amassed a large number of high Amazon ratings, and can you IMAGINE the dessert possibilities?!

    37. If you work from home, TikTokers have been loving seat cushions like this cute one. This handy item relieves pressure on the tailbone area and could be easily stowed away after use.

    38. These microfibre dusting gloves eliminate the need to get a cloth in hard to reach places, allowing you to clean mirrors, inside window slots, and other dust-attracting surfaces with minimum fuss!

    39. This two pack of stick on blind spot car mirrors fit onto your mirror with a waterproof adhesive. They're rust resistant and they claim not to haze over too!

    40. You know you're winning at having your life together when you have a variety of utensils. These steel corn on the cob forks are a bargain, and should at least make you feel like you're organised, even if you're really not!