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    I Have Second-Hand Embarrassment That You've Not Been Told About These 29 Nifty Products Sooner

    Clever or what?

    1. This OXO Good Grips vegetable chopper makes light work out of cutting your fave veggies. Simply pop them over the blades, push down the lid, and you're good to go! It also has an easy-pour opening in the back to get your chopped food out.

    2. I love how genius this 'hot handle' holder is. It can be put over a variety of pan handles to provide a protective layer whilst giving a firm non-slip grip.

    3. Speaking of chopping, this onion holder saves your hands from odours and enables fine cutting.

    4. Drawers sagging? No problem! This drawer repair kit costs less than a fiver.

    5. I can almost guarantee you didn't know that this washing-up glove holder existed! It acts as a drying rack – clever, huh?

    6. And for your dishcloths that languish in the sink, there's this sink tidy that has space for your most-used items.

    7. I saw this super clever mug on TikTok, but it isn't an ordinary travel cup. It claims to be the world's first 'unspillable' mug. It won't tumble over if you knock it, but it's as easy as any other cup to lift off a table!

    8. If you always have cold fingers, then this fluffy hot water bottle created especially for your hands is genius!

    9. Whether you hate carrying a wet umbrella or raincoat in your bag, or you always have wet laundry to pack in your case when you travel, then this set of waterproof dry bags are here to help!

    10. I had to share this Vileda 'spin and clean' mop that has a dirt-scrubbing roller to eradicate grime as you rinse the pad. Plus, would you just look at how handy the shape is for reaching sides and skirting boards!

    11. This repairing overnight lip balm helps to relieve and hydrate very dry lips, making it perfect for those of us whose pouts hate the cold winter weather.

    12. And to help repair split and broken nails, there's this SOS Special Aid conditioner that contains calcium and collagen to strengthen and regenerate talons.

    13. Make cleaning under the rim of your loo easy thanks to these curved toilet brushes.

    14. This six-in-one multi-opener can be used to prize open pull-tabs, bags, safety seals, bottle caps, jars, and more with ease.

    15. If your rug gets slippy, then these reusable grippers are non-slip and help to keep it in place.

    16. This clever honey spoon has a design that allows it to sit on the side of the jar and drip excess product back into the container.

    17. No room for a bedside table? Grab this bamboo clip-on bedside shelf to keep your goodies close by.

    18. Get rid of grime and wax on your earphones thanks to this cleaning pen.

    19. These clever washing-up gloves have textured palms so you can scrub the dishes without a sponge!

    20. If spiders are starting to invite themselves inside your home, then this set of two plug-in pest repellers claims to make them scurry away.

    21. And if you do catch a new eight-legged housemate sharing your space, then this vacuum catcher has a high average Amazon rating.

    22. This Lakeland baking tray liner sheet is reusable, can be cut to size, creates a non-stick surface and claims to withstand five years or more of constant use!

    23. This stainless steel rolling dish drainer is perfect for drying dishes over the sink, saving on valuable space.

    24. And speaking of saving space, this cupboard bin is ideal for collecting peel or scraps whilst cooking.

    25. This set of three pulse point rollerballs contain the relaxing scents of peppermint, lavender, lemon, frankincense, geranium, orange and nutmeg. They're ideal for using on the go!

    26. This electric lunch box can be heated up, meaning you can simply take it out and plug it in!

    27. If, like me, you get bored of chopping, then these herb scissors will make cutting your fave seasonings super easy!

    28. This set of two hanging organisers can be used multiple ways.

    29. PSA: If your feet are always cold, did you know that you can get microwaveable slippers? These faux-fur ones have a French lavender scent too!