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    If You Think You Have A Degree In Adulting Every Time You Wash The Dishes, Then Here’s 27 Lazy Buys You Probably Need

    There's no judgement round here.

    1. Wash your socks in these laundry bags to keep them in one place.

    2. If you loathe sectioning your hair, then these separator clips have a double-hinge mechanism to keep hair in place without denting it. They also have a curved tip to part hair – genius!

    3. These super useful salad tongs help you serve and chop leafy greens with ease.

    4. If, like me, you're prone to toe blisters but can never find a plaster that fits, then these blister plasters have been specially developed for toes!

    5. This clever mini colander sits on top of tins to drain water. It's made of silicone to stretch over different sized cans.

    6. If your earphones are in desperate need of a little clean, then this purpose-built pen is here to take the hassle out of making them spick and span!

    7. These clever coat hanger connectors help you to keep a whole outfit together if you prefer to snooze in the mornings!

    8. If you hate the fuss of removing makeup when you make a mistake, then this makeup fixing pen is here to remove any lil' errors.

    9. If you can't be bothered opening jars, then this super clever jar key releases the vacuum inside to make the job easier! It's dishwasher-safe too.

    10. And you can avoid the annoying-ness of breaking a nail by using this highly-rated ring-pull opener that makes undoing tins a breeze.

    11. This handy hairbrush cleaner can also be used to sweep hairs from razors, clippers, and hairdryers.

    12. These washing line hooks allow you to easily air-dry items on a hanger, reducing the need for ironing.

    13. I can't believe that this handy trivet has foldable handles allowing it to be used as a steamer and a rack for hot pans, making light work of dinner time!

    14. On days when you just can't be bothered to do the drying up, there's this retractable mug and cup drying rack – it folds away so no-one needs to know.

    15. Whether you can never be bothered to lick envelopes or it gives you the ick (me too!) then these self-sealing envelopes are a here to save the day.

    16. And these erasable pens are ideal if you hate scribbling stuff out!

    17. This Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover allows you to create an easy salon-worthy mani from home. It gets rid of excess cuticles in just 15 seconds!

    18. If you slide your appliances around without much thought, at least help to protect them with these furniture glides.

    19. Freshen your fabrics up between washes using this pink water lily scented spray that kills 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria. It also has a clever 'wrinkle release system' to reduce the need for ironing!

    20. If you're a proud microwave chef, then this microwave spaghetti and pasta cooking bowl also comes with a built-in strainer.

    21. And this easy microwave egg cooker allows you to whip up tasty eggs or omelettes with minimum fuss. It also goes in the dishwasher, FYI.

    22. If you like a voluminous hair look but don't have the time every morning, then this styling powder has an impressive 4.6-star average rating.

    23. This handy swivel peeler makes it easy to peel potatoes, apples, and other tough-skinned fruits and veggies. It's been awarded a whopping 4.8-star average rating on Amazon!

    24. If you're getting sandal-season ready, then this glass foot file claims to sand down rough skin quickly and be easy to sanitise.

    25. Be a true adult and thank your neighbour for looking after the cat when you go away with this cheap-as-chips choccie bar that takes the hassle out of finding a present.

    26. This silicone can holder is ideal for organising your fridge with minimum effort.

    27. And if you fancy a cuppa in the garden now that the weather is warming up, then this handy mug carrier makes you look like you have your life together.