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    29 Convenient Products That You'll Probably Only Be Willing To Invest In If You're Over 31

    I mean, just try and take all my money why don't you?

    1. This car interior cleaner restores shine to plastics, adds scent, and boasts a long-lasting anti-static shield to repel dust!

    2. If you loathe grease, then I have a little something to show you. This universal cooker hood and odour filter kit for your extractor fan can be cut to size, and the grease filter has an indicator line to show when it needs replacing!

    3. Speaking of liners, these slow cooker ones claim to help reduce wear and tear, and your food can be frozen in the liners for using later!

    4. These satin pillowcases claim to reduce friction between your pillow and the hair, helping to prevent snagging.

    5. PSA for car owners: This microfibre glass cleaning pad helps to absorb water and clean windscreens. It deals with both moisture and smears for less than £2!

    6. These Joseph Joseph nesting utensils look super satisfying and storing them neatly is a doddle!

    7. Do you struggle to remove your fave winter boots? This clever boot puller has been specially designed to help!

    8. This sweater care kit contains two knitwear combs and a mini lint roller to help de-bobble and de-fluff clothes.

    9. Keep your drain hair-free thanks to these silicone protectors.

    10. If you love having flowers at home but never know how to arrange them, then these flower frogs are here to save the day!

    11. These double-ended toothbrushes have a standard head on one end, and a dome-shaped end on the other for precision cleaning. They claim to be ideal for people with braces!

    12. If you loathe cupboard doors slamming, then these cabinet buffer dots can be stuck on to help.

    13. I love how convenient this over-sink colander is!

    14. Loose rings? No problem! These ring adjusters are a clear and discreet solution for ill-fitting jewellery.

    15. If you need to do some DIY but hate anything with extra fuss, then these stainless steel door stops are self-adhesive.

    16. Want to get every last drop from your bottles? This upside-down bottle holder will keep hard-to-stand condiment containers the wrong way round so you can nab the last of the product.

    17. This pack of six hanging wardrobe dehumidifiers always surprises me with how full of condensation they get!

    18. Joseph Joseph have invented this adjustable rolling pin that helps you to get the exact thickness of pastry that you require!

    19. And this Joseph Joseph foil and film organiser that sits under your shelf is going straight in my basket.

    20. Cooking fans will surely appreciate this pack of two clip-on pan strainers.

    21. These sock organisers allow you to keep your essentials in pairs even while they're in the wash.

    22. Speaking of laundry, this pack of four dryer balls allow hot air to flow more efficiently in your appliance. They claim to eliminate the wrinkling of clothes and static, all while softening your most-worn items.

    23. This Elbow Grease stain removal bar boasts a high average Amazon rating and it claims to remove stubborn stains from your laundry.

    24. Make the dreaded dusting easier thanks to these microfibre gloves.

    25. These egg poacher cups will probably fool people into thinking you're a whizz in the kitchen.

    26. Future loo-cleaning you will probably be glad you snapped up this silicone toilet brush. It has a rubber head to easily get into hard-to-reach spots.

    27. For nights in, you'll probably be glad you invested in this shower drink holder.

    28. This two-in-one Joseph Joseph measuring jug has a dual-chamber design so that you can measure both small and large quantities with accuracy! Oh, and it's easy to pour from too.

    29. Did I mention how genius this Joseph Joseph flat whisk is? It can be used for both whipping and blending, plus it folds for compact storage!