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    Don't Sleep On These 24 Useful Kitchen Buys That Made Me Ditch My Takeaway Habit

    If you saw me ordering sushi, no you didn't.

    1. A pasta-serving colander spoon like this set of two makes me want to serve up my own spaghetti.

    2. I was surprised at the variety of food packets I could reseal using food bag clips like these nifty ones.

    3. I might still be partial to the odd takeaway coffee, but I've certainly cut down on my habit thanks to this reasonably-priced coffee machine.

    4. I'm a convenience girl at heart, and this double microwave egg poacher is genius.

    5. A garlic rocker like this handy one makes adding copious amounts of my fave ingredient way easier. It also comes with an orange peeler, a silicone garlic peeling tube, and a cleaning brush!

    6. This fridge can organiser makes sorting your food shopping way easier.

    7. I always reach for my colander and bowl set that's ideal for draining sauces from food.

    8. As a clumsy person, I can confidently say the Joseph Joseph 'chop to pot' chopping board with folding sides is game-changing for tipping ingredients into a pan.

    9. And I love my chopping board with drawers like this budget-friendly one for meals where the ingredients need to be added at different times.

    10. Heavy-duty kitchen scissors make chopping some difficult to cut items way easier.

    11. I enjoy unpacking a food shop when I have a lil' egg house like this adorable one to store my eggs in!

    12. In the winter I love nothing more than chucking ingredients in this slow cooker so that my dinner is ready straight after work.

    13. I'm so glad I invested in a viral vegetable chopper like this handy one. It takes the 'bore factor' out of ingredient prep! it has multiple functions making the cost-per-use super low.

    14. I never felt like reusable straws were fully clean until I discovered these purpose-built cleaning brushes. They've made me ditch many a takeaway drink in favour of a refillable one – it's cheaper in the long run and uses less plastic bottles!

    15. Speaking of reusable bottles, this long-handled bottle cleaning brush has also been my go-to for washing up.

    16. I always feel kinda fancy when I serve dips, snacks, and sauces in these little heart-shaped bowls.

    17. And I also love my stainless steel cocktail picks just like these ones for serving up olives and picky bits!

    18. This Mr Muscle oven cleaner removes tough grease without the need for excess scrubbing!

    19. And this Elbow Grease degreaser is game-changing when it comes to cleaning up after a cooking sesh.

    20. My bamboo kitchen scale looks similar to this highly-rated one. It not only looks a little nicer than some of the other options, but it comes in super handy for those times when winging it just won't cut it!

    21. My spice rack makes grabbing the right seasoning mega easy.

    22. If, like me, you're in it for the homeware aesthetic too, then this clip-top glass bottle is perfect for storing oil, wine, or other cooking liquids.

    23. My Scrub Daddy sponge helps me to clean all manner of dried-on cooking spills.

    24. And my wooden serving boards like this rustic one make me want to have people over to eat!