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    I Didn’t Know I Needed These 33 Time-Saving Amazon Bargains, And Now You Probably Do Too

    More time to spend on TikTok? Don't mind if I do.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. These tumble dryer balls help to reduce drying time and soften clothing.

    2. These herb-chopping scissors claim to cut efficiently, saving time and energy.

    3. If you're always rushing out the door, then this over-makeup SPF spray is a genius invention. Simply spritz and go!

    4. And this quick-dry nail spray helps to dry your mani in just 60 seconds!

    5. This automatic toothpaste dispenser allows you to dispense hands-free, saving you squeezing time in the morning!

    6. I love this over-counter waste basket that you can use for veggie peels – it saves taking multiple trips to the bin!

    7. This handy lil' rice cooker has a warming function so you can keep your grains heated while you focus on other things!

    8. I now won't be without these fridge deodorisers that help to nip strong food niffs in the bud, saving on cleaning time.

    9. Feeling lazy? No problem! This overnight deep cleanse dry shampoo claims to help detoxify hair whilst you snooze.

    10. And if your roots could do with a salon appointment but you don't have the time RN, then this touchup root concealer spray could be the answer!

    11. As a clumsy person, I can't be without my Joseph Joseph chopping board that folds into a little chute for tipping!

    12. Save on searching for your socks post-wash by nabbing this purpose-built drying rack which helps to keep them in one place!

    13. This highly-rated quick-drying microfibre towel looks ideal for the gym.

    14. Make washing the inside of bottles and glasses easier with this long-handled brush that boasts both a sponge and a scrubbing surface!

    15. This bathroom storage box is useful for keeping your surfaces neat and your items where you can find them.

    16. This soap saver prevents your soap from going mushy, meaning you won't need to dry it out after use.

    17. If your hair could do with some serious TLC, then this leave-in conditioner cream saves on rinsing and claims to help reduce breakage.

    18. And if the soles of your shoes are slippy, save time wearing them in by nabbing these anti-slip grips.

    19. If you wish you had the time to apply false tan, then this instant one washes off.

    20. And this highly-rated false tan removal glove claims to get rid of old self-tan residue and exfoliate skin.

    21. This handy slicer can be used to make light work out of cutting eggs, fruit, and more!

    22. This false eyelash applicator and remover tool helps to securely apply your fave lashes.

    23. This super handy circular knife allows you to easily slice all manner of food including pizza, waffles, veg, and pies! It's less than a fiver too, FYI.

    24. And this magnetic beer and glass bottle opener is a genius invention IMO. It claims to open bottles in less than a second!

    25. These useful towel hooks boast a high average rating and they're self-adhesive, saving on installation time.

    26. If you don't have time for a full clean, then this makeup brush cleaning spray quickly sanitises brushes!

    27. I can't get over the convenience of this spray-on plaster. It provides a transparent, breathable film that gradually disappears, taking the fuss out of covering hard-to-reach areas.

    28. This three-in-one foot file claims to help scrub hard skin effortlessly thanks to its variety of textured surfaces.

    29. If you're packing for a holiday, then this set of eight packing organisers includes laundry bags and shoe bags so you needn't spend ages looking for your most-worn items.

    30. These toilet-cleaning fizz tabs have an active limescale-removing foam and can be left in your loo overnight.

    31. If, like me, you hate spending ages taking off waterproof mascara when you're tired, then this two-in-one remover efficiently gets rid of stubborn makeup.

    32. These dinky egg separators are as cute as they are useful.

    33. I love that this washing-up liquid box dispenses the liquid when you press on it with your sponge, making it fuss-free to use.