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    This TikTok Viral Reusable Duster Transformed My Cleaning Routine, And It Costs Less Than A Fiver

    I'm obsessed 😍

    🧹 My endless TikTok scrolling and job as a professional shopper has meant I've uncovered some genius products in my time. When it comes to cleaning, I've loved my Scrub Daddy sponge for ages now thanks to its ability to tackle tough stains and dried-on mess. 🧹

    🧽 When I buy home products, I like low-effort, high-performing items, and if there's one part of my cleaning routine that fills me with dread (but makes me feel super satisfied once it's done!) it's dusting. Imagine my joy then, when I saw that this Scrub Daddy damp duster existed! 🧽

    🧼 For me, one of the worst things about dust is when it gets wet and becomes super hard to get off. Most products I've tried just feel like I'm dragging the dirt around, but not with this genius duster... 🧼

    🤯 Let me tell you more about this TikTok viral duster. It has little grooves in it to effectively cling to dust, rather than it flying off. As you can see from the pictures, I found the flat side also held onto the dust pretty well. I should preface this by saying my house isn't normally this dusty, but I gave my well-loved fan a once-over before putting it away for winter and let's just say I was sickened by what this lil' sponge picked up! 🤯

    ✨ I also love the fact it's reusable, as you simply run it under water and the dust rinses away. You can dampen the dusting sponge slightly when you need to use it again, and it works on a variety of surfaces thanks to its squishy texture. It can be used on blinds, skirting boards, mirrors, or just about anywhere it's needed! ✨

    💗 What are your fave TikTok cleaning discoveries? Let me know in the comments below! 💗