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    28 Things To Order When You’re Worried Your Postie Won’t Recognise You Anymore

    If you're tempted to count your postie as one of your BFFs, this one's for you.

    1. This cute railcard or bus pass holder will come in handy as travel starts to open up, and it's under £2!

    2. This phone case is just peachy and looks pricier than its £3.99 price tag.

    3. I've had my eye on these double walled glass mugs for a while now – I mean, look at them.

    4. Beat the dryness caused by sanitisers with this Burt's Bees moisturising orange blossom and pistachio hand cream. The packaging alone looks more bougie than its price point.

    5. These exfoliating lip brushes are seriously tempting. They claim to give lips a smoother and fuller apperance. At under a fiver for four, they're going in my basket.

    6. This cloud rug would look so sweet in a kids' bedroom, or it would make a lush gift for a little one – and who can argue with a delivery when you're buying treats for someone else?

    7. These little beauty sponges are just crying out for a place in my makeup bag. The little box only makes me want them more!

    8. You've probably seen prints like this all over Instagram, and these ones are a bargain at just over a tenner for two.

    9. I doubt your postie would blame you for ordering this beautiful vase. It comes in at under £10, so it's a steal.

    10. Why serve milk from the bottle when you can serve it from a bougie glass carton? Exactly.

    11. Your dog will surely be besties with the postie when they deliver this sweet carrot toy.

    12. I'm sure your postie wouldn't blame you for wanting to keep your drinks cool. This wine cooler bag would be so handy for picnics, or even just taking to a friend's.

    13. This handheld drum grater comes with three drum spiralisers. It'll help you grate cheese, veg, and more, at the turn of a handle.

    14. This beautiful plant holder is under £10 and will add a subtle pop of colour to your home.

    15. If you want to conceal that 'just woken up' look from your postie, then this highlighting palette will help you fake a glowy complexion.

    16. Speaking of order-worthy makeup buys, this primer helps to mattify skin and reduce the appearance of pores. TikTok users rave about it!

    17. No-one could blame you if you considered ordering this gold toned bike shaped pizza cutter.

    18. This photo frame is giving me all the rustic country cottage vibes, and I love it.

    19. This makeup mirror would look super pretty on a vanity table. It's functional, but doubles as a decor piece.

    20. This personalised print is gifting at its finest. Oh, and it's totally okay to order one for yourself, too.

    21. Got a birthday coming up? Or maybe you just like to be super organised? These twisty birthday candles will make a beautiful topper to a bougie cake.

    22. I absolutely must have this shopper for my next supermarket trip – it's under £10 and comes in a variety of colours.

    23. This plant pot is so gorgeous, it's almost guaranteed to keep compliments flooding in.

    24. Soap brows are still going strong, and I rate this Pears soap bar. At just 70p, it's a no-brainer really.

    25. And, if you need somewhere to keep your new soap, add this grey soap dish to your basket – it's under £3!

    26. Love gel nails but don't have time for the salon? This UV gel nail curing lamp is under £10 – no, I'm not sure how that happened either, but it boasts a high average rating too.

    27. This set of six gel nail polishes has thousands of reviews, and these autumnal colours are super wearable. They work out at just over £1 per polish too!

    28. I don't know about you, but I think these heat resistant hair styling gloves are a pretty good buy. They're under £4 and they can be used to help prevent burnt fingers during heat styling.