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    PSA: Amazon's Spring Sale Has Started And Here's Some Of The Best Highly-Rated Deals To Nab Right Now

    Featuring bargains from Real Techniques, Joseph Joseph, and Vileda!

    Amazon’s spring sale has arrived, and you can enjoy huge discounts on tons of products until midnight on the 13th of April! We've looked through LOADS of bargains and found some of the best deals for you.

    FYI — deals move quickly during sales. We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately.

    1. This set of five Garnier face masks boasts a whopping 42% discount!

    2. Stock up on these Lenor 'Outdoorable' fabric conditioners and save 36%!

    3. And you can get this XXL pack of Fairy dishwasher tablets with 35% off RN.

    4. Get a 26% discount on the super popular Vileda spray mop – I have this and I love it!

    5. And the Vileda steam mop comes with a whopping 44% off!

    6. In need of new skincare? You can get 47% off the Cetaphil gentle cleanser!

    7. Or the TikTok-famous CeraVe moisturising cream is now 29% off.

    8. And the much-loved CeraVe hydrating cleanser now comes with a 33% discount.

    9. This Joseph Joseph cutlery organiser now has 31% off.

    10. And this Joseph Joseph knife organiser comes with a 33% spring sale discount!

    11. I can't believe that this Sally Hansen vitamin E cuticle and nail oil has over 50% off!

    12. And this popular nail strengthener is also a total steal RN with 39% off.

    13. I need this cream double waffle duvet cover set RN because it has 45% off!

    14. This sweet mandarin and grapefruit pamper gift set can be on its way to you with 48% off.

    15. This gorgeous large casserole dish is now 64% off!

    16. And you can nab a whole new Tefal pan set with a 41% discount.

    17. I have this Aveeno oat gel moisturiser and it's now half price!

    18. You can try the famous Elemis pro-collagen cleansing balm with 25% off.

    19. This Works' deep sleep pillow spray comes with 25% off.

    20. If you have a cat, you might just want to check out this grooved litter tray with a handy lid – it's now got 25% off!

    21. People love this 'miracle glow' highlighter which now has a 45% discount.

    22. You can get 54% off this precision felt-tip eyeliner if you hurry!

    23. Beauty lovers, there's also a huge 73% off the classic Princess fragrance!

    24. And Katy Perry's killer queen fragrance now has 25% off.

    25. Add the Joseph Joseph microwave rice cooker to your basket today and nab 23% off.

    26. And you could upgrade your chopping board to this Joseph Joseph one now that it has a 40% discount.

    27. I think your sink will probably be pleased you treated it to this Joseph Joseph caddy now that it's got 38% off.

    28. If you love Real Techniques, then this complexion sponge could also be yours with 47% off RN.

    29. If you're a Le Creuset fan, then this enamelled dish now has 39% off!

    30. This at-home brow dye kit can be added to your beauty stash with a 40% discount.

    31. And now might just be the time to stock up on your lash glue because this highly-rated one has a 41% discount.

    32. The much-loved Joseph Joseph nesting utensils can now be yours with 45% off!

    33. Or if a pop of colour matches your kitchen decor, then this super useful set has a 49% discount!

    34. And how genius is this space-saving folding masher by Joseph Joseph? It can take pride of place in your kitchen drawer with 25% off!

    35. If you're a fan of Sally Hansen's 'airbrush legs' then it can now be yours with 41% off.

    36. These Joseph Joseph nest-lock storage containers have a pretty impressive 37% off.

    37. Give your home a lil' spring clean for less thanks to 25% off this Joseph Joseph slimline squeegee!

    38. This 'miracle growth' nail treatment can be snapped up with 51% off!

    39. And this instant cuticle remover is a bargain RN with a huge 68% off!

    40. If you fancy a tipple, then this summery-sounding blood orange flavoured gin now has 31% off.

    41. This chopper and wooden board set can be sat in your kitchen for 31% less.

    42. Treat your hair to this argan oil of Morocco which now comes with a 33% discount!

    43. PSA: This Joseph Joseph food prep nesting kit has 49% off!

    44. If you could do with a new toothbrush, then this electric one that has a smart pressure sensor has a 56% discount.

    45. There's also 50% off this luxe hairdryer that has a 4.6-star average rating!

    46. And this Babyliss ceramic curling wand now has a discount of 34%!

    47. Upgrade your morning routine with this Sanctuary Spa shower cream that has 26% off.

    48. And the exfoliating scrub now has a rather respectable 41% discount!

    49. I love the sound of this sweet nectar blossom Yankee candle, especially when it has 42% off!

    50. There's 60% off these on-trend double-walled thermo glasses, just saying.

    51. If you need to buy a gift, then how about this Sanctuary Spa bedtime gift set that has a 27% off?

    52. And there's also 30% off this Cath Kidston hand cream trio!

    53. I love the fact that this Joseph Joseph washing up bowl has a draining function and a 46% discount.

    54. And Joseph Joseph created this genius laundry separation basket which has 23% off.

    55. Restock your beauty collection by picking up these Real Techniques makeup brushes while they're 53% off.

    56. Or if creating eye looks is your speciality, then these Real Techniques eyeshadow brushes are a steal with a 32% discount.

    57. I thought you should probably know that these wireless earphones have 48% off in the sale!

    58. I can't believe that this pretty blush palette now has 48% off.

    59. If you have a child who loves Barbie, then this adventure doll even comes with a little pet puppy! You can nab it now for 39% less.

    60. Or this pineapple-shaped Polly Pocket wearable compact now has 35% off!

    61. How fun does this Polly Pocket theme park look? It comes complete with lil' rides and 41% off.

    62. The popular Joseph Joseph washing-up dispensing brush can take pride of place in your kitchen with 25% off.

    63. Sandal weather is coming and this Revlon pedicure kit is now discounted by 28%!

    64. Take the fuss out of food prep with this Joseph Joseph set that works as a mandolin and a grater. It now has 42% off too!

    65. How clever does this seven-in-one smart cooker sound? It's now got an impressive 30% off too.

    66. If you have a baby or a little one on the way, then this rechargeable 'Ollie the owl' sleep aid has a generous 52% off.

    67. This bumper razor pack can be nabbed with 47% off and contains a whopping nine refills!

    68. If you're a coffee lover and you own a Tassimo machine, you might just want to snap up these Kenco mocha capsules while there's 32% off.

    69. And if you have a sweet tooth, then this bumper 600g box of Lindt chocolates has a 25% discount.

    70. And people who love sweets might just be thrilled to know that this Candy Kittens vegan sweet box is now reduced by 29%.

    71. This two-tier shoe rack is ideal for keeping your hallway clutter-free and it now has a 30% discount.

    72. If your bag always contains gum, then you can stock up with this bulk-buying set that contains a huge 30 packs with a 34% discount.