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    29 Products That Just Scream ‘Treat Yourself’ For Under A Fiver

    Anyone else ready for a guilt-free splurge?

    1. I can't believe these highly rated makeup brushes cost less than £5 for twelve...snap them up, quick!

    2. A luxe feeling body oil makes an ultra-moisturising alternative to lotion. At under £3 each, I'll take two.

    3. I feel like a proper grown-up talking about fragrance sachets, but I'm not mad about it. These ones smell of pomegranate, repel moths, and come with a hanger for your wardrobe.

    4. This grow your own sunflowers set would make a great pick-me-up for your home.

    5. Okay, so maybe it's a teeny bit early, but I'm adding this cinnamon spice candle to my basket.

    6. This copper fruit bowl looks way more expensive than its price tag!

    7. OMG, look at these knot earrings! They'd definitely have me waiting at the door for the postie to arrive.

    8. This makeup brush holder has silicone slots to keep your tools in place. It can also be used for toothbrushes, nail files, and more!

    9. Cat lovers will surely be feline good if they order this pretty foil mug.

    10. This creamy lipliner is just as good as some of the spendy ones I've tried. At under £5, I'll take one in each colour please.

    11. Give your bedroom a refresh with this cute set of three prints.

    12. I may just need these shovel coffee spoons in my life. You get two in a pack, and they're bound to have guests asking "where did you get those?".

    13. This cheek kit comes in at just £2.99, and will you look at how pretty it is...

    14. Dog parents will know the struggle – this funny sign would be great hung above your pooch's food bowl.

    15. I'm pretty sure that this wooden bread board wouldn't look out of place in your kitchen.

    16. Anything that smells of watermelon is a winner in my eyes! That would probably explain why this hair food for fine locks has me salivating – it's not edible, FYI.

    17. Erm, boho plant vibes for under a fiver? This rope hanger is speaking to the plant parent in me.

    18. Need a pen pot for your WFH office? Or maybe you want somewhere aesthetically pleasing to store makeup brushes? Either way, this multipurpose holder will come in handy.

    19. Okay, I'm still not over Normal People. If you haven't read the book, let me tell you that you absolutely should.

    20. I think you can't go wrong with a new lipstick for a little pick-me-up, and this one is under £4!

    21. Talking of beauty buys, this lazy makeup bag opens out for easy access. It's waterproof too, meaning any pesky spillages should be easier to clean.

    22. If you're getting married, this adorable wedding notebook will be so handy to chuck in your handbag.

    23. Bad day WFH? This funny coaster should help you see the bright side. It would also make a great gift for your BFF, just saying.

    24. Okay, so I can't believe these exist, but people are buying foot warmers and I feel like I've been doing life wrong until this point. These ones attach to your socks to warm your feet while out and about.

    25. If you like to wear fake tan, then you'll know a new mitt feels like a real treat. This one has a high average rating and is double sided.

    26. This llama egg cup would make a fun addition to breakfast time, especially if you have little ones.

    27. Sorry if your idea of a treat doesn't include organising your fridge, but this can rack speaks to the tidying lover in me.

    28. These reusable chopsticks come in a set of four, and are a total bargain at just over £3.

    29. These wire lights are giving me all the cosy autumn vibes, so they're going straight in my basket.