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    26 Super Useful Products For That Big Pre-Christmas Clean

    If Santa dares to leave footprints after all this cleaning...

    1. This cranberry and orange Zoflora kills 99.9% of bacteria, and it'll leave your home smelling like Christmas personified.

    2. Cleaning with heavy duty festive scourers in the shape of Christmas trees seems like it would make doing the chores a lot easier.

    3. Or if you'd prefer these non-scratch snowmen scourers, then who am I to argue?

    4. Get your home smelling sweet with these Yankee Candle fragrance spheres in a 'holiday hearth' scent.

    5. Or if you have a 3volution plug-in air freshener then how about this two-pack of festive-sounding spiced apple refills?

    6. Getting your bedrooms guest-ready means more washing which can become a chore, but at least you can dry it easily with this extendable heated electric airer.

    7. Or if you do need to use the tumble dryer, you can save money and reduce drying time with these tumble dryer cubes. Fresh laundry for guests with less fuss? Yes please!

    8. Get your guest bedding smelling fresh with this Method tropical coconut fabric softener.

    9. Now I know just the idea of it is probably filling you with dread, but that big oven clean could be about to get a whole lot easier with this oven, grill, and barbecue cleaner. It claims to remove caked-on and burnt-in grease from your appliance.

    10. This is the time to get into all those annoying lil' gaps. You can sleigh (see what I did there?) your cleaning by grabbing yourself this pack of two window groove cleaners.

    11. If you really don't know where to begin, then this handy book will give you a nudge in the right direction.

    12. Get disinfecting with this lush smelling fig and cedar Zoflora spray. It kills 99.9% of bacteria with a fine mist.

    13. This heavy duty cleaning brush is one thing you'll be glad to have in your stash when the scrubbing gets tough.

    14. Make like a TikToker and treat yourself to one of these extendable scrubbers. It extends to 42 inches, and hey, if it means I can put in less effort, I'm sold.

    15. Get your coffee machine guest-ready with this specially formulated cleaner. It descales, cuts through staining and residue, and it won't leave behind a noticeable taste.

    16. I'm sorry but how cute is this mini dustpan and brush set for clearing up little Christmas snack spills?

    17. These reusable microfibre dusting gloves can be used wet or dry so you can spend less time cleaning and more time singing along to the Christmas tunes!

    18. How festive is this set of two snowflake Spunj cloths? They hold up to seven times their own weight in water, making them perfect for wet cleaning or mopping up spillages!

    19. This bargain Dishmop that dispenses liquids is great for not only the washing up, but also for cleaning a multitude of surfaces!

    20. Get your bathroom and your guests in the festive spirit with this mulled wine scented air freshener.

    21. Whether someone spills red wine on the big day, or you want to kiss goodbye to tough cooking stains, the Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils survival kit is here to help! It contains three stain removers that get rid of over 40 stains including coffee, cooking oil, and crayon marks!

    22. Freshen up your carpets with this Thai orchid and passionfruit carpet foam. Not only does it smell great, but there's no need to vacuum it either, leaving you more time for a mulled wine!

    23. Rid your carpets of your furry friend's shedding with this pet hair remover brush. It makes light work of cleaning your upholstery, so you can get ready for the doorbell to ring!

    24. Prep your freezer for all those festive goodies with this freezer de-icer spray. It's fast-acting so you can remove excess ice without defrosting your food.

    25. And you can get your fridge ready for the big Christmas dinner shop with this hygienic fridge cleaning spray. It quickly disinfects, and leaves your fridge smelling fresh!

    26. Finally, it's time to impress Santa and send smelly drains on their way with this drain unblocking foam. It deep cleans and eliminates odours – Christmas, I'm ready for you!