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    29 Products If You Want To Get Your Life Together But Are Inherently Lazy

    There’s no judgement here.

    1. Let's start strong with this handy label maker. Not only will people think you have your life together, but it'll also help you create the storage of your Pinterest dreams.

    label maker

    2. If a weekly planner doesn't scream organisation with minimal effort, I don't know what does.

    weekly planners

    3. If you work from home and say you've never been tempted to join that meeting from your bed, you're lying. This bamboo bed table is not only cute, but it can be raised for ease of use. Not to mention there's a handy drawer for all your snacks!

    laptop on bed tray

    4. Picture the scene: you make your coffee and *BAM!* someone sends an urgent email. If you've ever been there, it's time to invest in this very useful cup warmer. It's the gadget you never knew you needed, and will keep your hot drinks warm whatever life throws at you. Say no to reheating old tea – quite frankly, you deserve better.

    cup warmer

    5. If having your own electric milk frother doesn't scream that you're an adult, I don't know what does. This one is battery operated and has a high speed whisk for frothing coffees, hot chocolates, and even milkshakes. Making fancy drinks just got much easier.

    milk frother

    6. If you're more of a smoothie person, you HAVE to see what I've found. This portable blender means you can juice while out and about. They're raved about on TikTok – plus, this one is rechargeable and costs under £15. No need to waste time juicing – do it on the go!

    people with blender

    7. If the mere thought of trying to be productive is exhausting, it might be time to stop caring. Sounds good right? Let Sarah Knight show you how it's done with this much loved self-help book.


    8. If you really fancy having a go at living your best, most productive life however, this handy journal is raved about by Amazon customers.


    9. Vegetable peeling is hardly the most exciting of tasks, so this hand peeler will be your new kitchen BFF. It peels in thin and even strokes, avoiding unnecessary wastage. Money saving and makes light work of a boring task? Count me in.

    hand using peeler

    10. If you have an Alexa, you NEED to try a WiFi smart bulb. This handy multicolour lightbulb can be voice controlled via Alexa and Google Smart Assistant. I can't promise it'll make you more productive, but trust me, you'll be glad to wave goodbye to getting out of bed to turn the lights off. It's okay, just thank me later.

    smart bulb

    11. I love anything that saves me from scrubbing TBH. This hob cleaner is loved by Amazon customers and it's cheaper than your takeaway coffee.

    hob cleaner

    12. In the latest instalment of a lazy person's guide to cleaning, I have to recommend these Pledge dry dusting cloths. They effortlessly sweep up dust without spreading it around and they smell of citrus. I wouldn't be without them.

    dusting cloths

    13. If you've ever found yourself losing an hour to food TikTok, chances are you'll have seen bagel seasoning being put on everything from peppers to cream cheese. This ready made one is ideal for salads, sandwiches, and of course, bagels. Making something delicious just got a whole lot easier.


    14. Sometimes sensible purchases can end up being the most life changing. These reusable sandwich bags allow you to portion meals in your freezer or fridge, making batch cooking seem all the more appealing. They come highly rated, and can be washed and used again – not to mention they're leak proof too.


    15. I'm here for anything multipurpose, so these cute condiment dishes that could also double as teabag rests are going straight in my basket. A lazy person's guide to creating a dreamy Pinterest home is incoming.

    heart dishes with food

    16. These highly rated slow cooker liners eliminate the need for soaking and scrubbing – what's more, they claim to seal in flavour. They work for both traditional crock pots and slow cookers, giving you more time for a Netflix binge. Yes please.

    slow cooker with liner

    17. No time for a pedi? These moisturising socks have a gel layer to help soften feet. The anti-slip sole means you can wear them while you get on with more important things – like walking to the fridge.

    feet in socks

    18. Rather spend time scoffing doughnuts and watching Love Island (or er, cracking on with your responsibilities maybe) than washing your hair? Me too. This pack of four on-trend square hair clips are the perfect way to get around hair-wash day.

    19. Phone addiction stopping you from getting things done? Not anymore. Watch while you tidy, cook or even eat with this popular flexible lazy arm phone holder. It clips on to your bed, furniture, or anywhere it'll fit really!

    phone in holder

    20. Cute and functional? Yes please. These pretty fridge organisers are great for storing fruit and veg, and clip straight on to fridge shelves. Minimal effort, maximum results!

    fridge with organisers

    21. I couldn't not mention this clever brush cleaner and dryer. It works like a mini washing machine for your makeup brushes and I am obsessed. Each brush takes around ten seconds to wash and dry, and this handy device is battery operated meaning it's easily used in multiple locations!

    make-up brush cleaner

    22. Give your back a break with this clever extendable bathroom cleaning tool. It's a handy 3-in-1 bath scrubber that comes with an assortment of attachments so there will be no more contorting into weird positions to get those tiles gleaming – result!

    bathroom cleaning

    23. Does drinking more water count as being more productive? Asking for a friend. Either way, I love this flat water bottle that is supposedly easier to carry around with you – and yes, before you ask, I did see someone with it on TikTok.

    water bottle in bag

    24. To-do lists, but make 'em fancy! This humorous reminder notepad has 50 tear off sheets helping you remember what to do, what to buy, and what you absolutely must get done.

    productive to do list

    25. Bad day got you feeling unsure what you've achieved? This gratitude journal will remind you exactly what you're great at, no matter how big or small.

    gratitude journal

    26. This pretty set of two metal wall display panels will act as a bougie notice board. Whether you need reminders, photos, or motivational quotes, your home office never looked so good.

    home office with metal notice board

    27. If your laundry feels never ending, you'll want to invest in Dettol spray and wear. This spray kills 99.9% of bacteria, freshens clothes with a clean cotton scent, and helps to reduce ironing time.

    28. Make cooking more productive with this space saving spice rack. You'll be able to see what you're running low on without rummaging behind the ketchup. Plus, it'll look pretty nice in your kitchen too.

    spice rack

    29. Fancy working out but can't be bothered to get yourself to the gym? These resistance bands have been awarded a high rating by Amazon customers and are great for pilates, yoga, and more!