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    If You Thought TikTok Was Just For Gen Z, Then These 33 Practical Products Are Here To Prove You Wrong

    There's some seriously handy buys on the app, and we don't gatekeep around here.

    1. This handy 'fizz keeper' can pump re-pressurises your opened cans of fizzy drink, keeping them fresh for weeks!

    2. If you hate all your drying laundry being on display, then this over-bath airer is a genius solution.

    3. And if you love to travel, then this pack of four leak-proof sleeves can be added to the top of your liquid bottles to help prevent spillages.

    4. TikTok users love Bin Buddy's bin-freshening powder, and if you're already dreaming of sunnier days ahead, then this 'summer vibe'-scented one could be just the thing you need.

    5. This clever loo brush dispenses your cleaning product of choice as you clean – genius!

    6. Speaking of dispensing products, this oil dispenser bottle has a built-in basting brush.

    7. If you always find covering open food a faff, then this pack of silicone food lid covers are here to save the day!

    8. This double cereal dispenser is giving me serious hotel breakfast vibes.

    9. Speaking of handy kitchen gadgets, this snap-on tin strainer helps you to drain tins of various sizes with ease.

    10. This parcel opener will allow you to undo your prized packages in no time at all! It has an integrated blade guard and the ceramic blades claim to stay ten times sharper than steel!

    11. Thanks to its magnetic capabilities, this kitchen roll holder can be attached to tons of surfaces, making it convenient to grab!

    12. Or if you're also after a spice rack, then this magnetic shelf also comes with a kitchen roll or towel holder attached!

    13. Hairbands like this super practical (and rather cute!) one have been used in tons of beauty routine videos to keep users' hair out of their face.

    14. If you have vitamins and tablets to take each day, then this cheap-as-chips pill box will help you to get organised.

    15. Update your kitchenware with this under-£4 garlic peeling tube.

    16. If you struggle to get a grip on jar lids, then these rubber jar gripper pads help you to open stiff ones!

    17. Okay, so I know it's super cold RN, but hear me out. This portable neck fan might just become your out-and-about BFF as the weather starts warming up, and last summer let's just say it wasn't the easiest to get hold of!

    18. This wireless phone charging and UV sanitising box does two jobs at once!

    19. Meanwhile, this telescopic rubber broom can be used both indoors and outdoors and even removes pet hairs from carpets!

    20. If you have sensitive gums, then this pack of four soft-bristle toothbrushes boast 10,000 bristles to give a gentle clean.

    21. People who love satisfying storage will surely appreciate this glasses stand.

    22. These triangle-shaped powder puffs help you to get into the awkward area under your eyes!

    23. Reach every last drop of product from your jars or bottles thanks to these scraper tools.

    24. Get organised thanks to this magnetic weekly planner that you can hang on your fridge.

    25. This sink protector mat helps to protect your surfaces and dry your dishes.

    26. If, like me, you find false tan on your sheets the bane of your life, then this self-tan sheet protector comes in a double size and claims to help prevent the colour transferring to your bedding.

    27. These silicone baking sheets are reusable, making them a handy investment at less than £11 for four.

    28. This Quakehold! putty claims to secure breakable items to help prevent them from falling.

    29. Nab this double-layer makeup bag that looks as ideal for nights away as it does for everyday use.

    30. This corner sink strainer boasts a high average Amazon rating and looks super handy!

    31. And this extendable colander sits over your sink for ease of use.

    32. If you're constantly losing things down the side of your car seats, then these seat gap fillers are loved by Amazon customers and TikTok users alike.

    33. Organise your pan lids thanks to these Joseph Joseph holders that sit inside your cupboard doors.