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    Hey You, If It's Time To Finally Face Up To Your Little Problems, Then These 35 Practical Items Are Here To Help

    I got 99 problems but these ain't one.

    1. This clip-on fan can be attached to all manner of surfaces to keep you cool on a whim.

    2. If your door handles constantly bump into your walls leaving pesky marks, then these nifty bumpers are a genius invention!

    3. This budget-friendly motion-sensor night light is ideal for people who are prone to waking in the evening.

    4. If you often cut yourself while shaving, then this styptic pencil is here to help stop nasty little cuts bleeding.

    5. If you get tempted to leave your water bottle at home because your bag simply doesn't have the storage space, then this handy one can be collapsed to save room after use.

    6. And if you can never decide which drink to take, then this split water bottle allows you to separate your liquids into one handy container.

    7. Treat floors in need of a little TLC to this carpet and upholstery mousse that tackles dried-on stains.

    8. If you regularly travel and always forget your earplugs, then this foam set includes a keyring carry case so you can keep them with your essentials at all times.

    9. These sticky fly rolls can be hung around your home or in outdoor areas to keep pests at bay.

    10. This clever breathable bread bin expands and it has a cutting guide. It's ideal for keeping your loaf fresh and saving space.

    11. Make chopping grapes and tomatoes super efficient by nabbing this OXO Good Grips slicing guide.

    12. These handy travel bottles are made from silicone meaning they can be squished to make them more compact when not in use.

    13. If you're sick of fishing hair out of your drains, then this silicone protector is a must-buy.

    14. This decking cleaner revives your lacklustre outdoor surfaces and gets to work fast.

    15. Bookworms, if you're sick of trying to keep the pages open whilst you read, then this book holder is a cheap yet handy purchase.

    16. If your pans and dishes have seen better days, then this Astonish specialist cleaner and sponge kit comes highly rated.

    17. If your pegs seem to be all over the place, then you can hang this useful (and rather cute!) peg bag on your washing line so they're within easy reach.

    18. And if your tiles could do with a good scrub, then this purpose-built brush with a bamboo handle could be just the thing to help.

    19. Whether you can't stop itching or you've got a pesky insect bite, this Lanacane Creme soothes irritation fast.

    20. Get into those dusty and often-neglected window slots with these specially-made brushes.

    21. If you have a pet who makes having their teeth brushed difficult, then these finger brushes are a genius solution!

    22. Keep your shower limescale and dirt-free thanks to this shower spray that dissolves grime without the need for scrubbing!

    23. Let's face it, we all hope we never have to find out what's lurking below the sofa or our appliances, but this handy flat dust brush gets right under them, making for an easy clean.

    24. Never know where to pop your spoon and pan lid mid-stir? This handy holder fits both neatly!

    25. If your fridge needs a lil' refresh, then you can absorb food odours using this purpose-built deodoriser.

    26. Pet owners, this cat litter deodoriser is cheap as chips and boasts a 4.3-star average rating.

    27. If you find this super hot and muggy weather too much for your usual deodorant to handle, then this maximum-strength antiperspirant spray claims to offer five-day protection.

    28. And for your feet, there's this foot and shoe antiperspirant spray.

    29. This set of four tongue scrapers have a narrow head to help prevent gag-reflex while also claiming to improve oral hygiene.

    30. These blister prevention pads for the balls of your feet are ideal if you regularly experience rubbing from sandals and heels.

    31. If your stainless steel surfaces are seriously in need of a polish, then this Method cleaner leaves a protective layer behind and smells of an apple orchard!

    32. For tired, puffy eyes, there's this hyaluronic acid and coconut eye sheet mask. It has a cooling effect that can be enhanced by storing it in the fridge.

    33. This ten-piece set of straw cleaning brushes are ideal for the dirt hiding in those hard-to-reach small spaces.

    34. These clever lil' baby spoons claim to help you sense if your little one's food is too hot.

    35. If all the insects around at the moment are giving you grief, then this 'after bite' pen claims to soothe and care for bitten skin.