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    Fancy Being Nosy? Me Too! Here's What You Lot (And I!) Have Been Buying From Amazon In April

    Psst...most of these cost less than a tenner!

    1. I can personally vouch for the fact that this over-makeup SPF50 is genius for people who forget to wear sunscreen!

    2. You lot have the best-looking wheelie bins around thanks to these personalised stickers!

    3. I was one of the people who caved and finally purchased this Sally Hansen cuticle remover.

    4. And now I'm very tempted by this salicylic acid and sulphur scrub soap that you guys have been snapping up!

    5. Our readers are prepared for headaches thanks to these cooling forehead strips.

    6. The Dr. Beckmann foaming toilet cleaner seems to be keeping your loos fresh!

    7. And this mould and mildew blaster costs less than ONE POUND.

    8. Keep food fresh the BuzzFeed-reader way using these handy tin covers.

    9. Nab yourself this super useful anti-blister stick to help prevent blisters from your new sandals this summer.

    10. The CleanTok fans among us have been snapping up this silicone toilet brush.

    11. And speaking of keeping your bathroom spick and span, this razor holder proved a popular April buy.

    12. These compostable Oral-B compatible toothbrush heads have charcoal-infused bristles!

    13. Cleaning fans are keeping their drains clear thanks to this plughole unblocker.

    14. Get your BBQ summer-season ready with this pumice cleaning block!

    15. This clever anti-limescale ball for your washing machine and dishwasher lasts for up to five years.

    16. You lot are still loving the TikTok-famous 'dots for spots' pimple patches.

    17. And this stainless steel kettle descaling donut is a fan fave too!

    18. Loads of you want to get your feet summer-ready using these exfoliating foot peel treatments!

    19. And when this 'shower and shave' cream reduces razor bumps and redness, it's not hard to see why you bagged it in your droves!

    20. And in keeping with the beauty product theme, this pedicure foot file was purchased multiple times.

    21. When this set of three contour sticks work out at less than a pound each, it's not hard to see why you've been loving them.

    22. This shower screen protector prevents limescale deposits and soap residue buildup.

    23. This battery-operated mini 'handvac' cleaner is adorable and useful!

    24. People have been giving their mattresses a lil' spring clean using this professional mattress stain remover.

    25. This command-strip broom holder is ideal for organising your cleaning stash.

    26. And this chic matte black sponge cradle will help to keep your sink area tidy.

    27. There's a reason why loads of us (the shopping team included!) are obsessed with this Dr. Beckmann carpet stain remover with a built-in brush head.

    28. Join the hordes of people who treated their nails to this Sally Hansen strengthener that protects fragile talons!

    29. This popular ear wax removal kit proved a hit among our readers too.

    30. I love that these handy ecoballs help eliminate bad fridge odours and prolong the life of your refrigerated goods.

    31. I too own a re-usable gel mask that can be cooled or heated depending on your preference.

    32. Get rid of hair in your vacuum cleaner using this handy gadget that can be used to de-fuzz hairbrushes too.

    33. If you're a plant parent and you haven't tried these plant food spikes, then you might just want to add them to your basket.

    34. Lots of you purchased this Mitchum deodorant that comes in a 'shower fresh' scent.

    35. And keeping your cars smelling good was also a priority thanks to this vanilla-scented air freshener clip.

    36. I'm tempted by how useful these enzymatic drain sticks sound TBH!

    37. And who can blame people for being intrigued by this colour-changing gel nail polish?

    38. The popularity of The Pink Stuff's Miracle Cream Cleaner showed little sign of slowing!

    39. And finally, the TikTok-hyped CeraVe hydrating cleanser also had people parting with their cash this month!