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    22 Things That Almost Every Single Brit Thinks Are Totally Normal, But Are Actually Very, Very Strange

    It's always been big and little Tesco though.

    1. Saying 'thank you' at least three times when someone holds a door open for you.

    2. Being frightened of the GP receptionist.

    3. Using one word with two totally different meanings – "that's sick."

    4. Shouting "wheyyy" when someone smashes a glass or drops something.

    5. Saying "no worries" when it is, in fact, very much a worry.

    6. Shortening absolutely everything.

    7. The whole country grinding to a standstill the second there's a centimetre of snow.

    8. Dunking biscuits in tea.

    9. Saying "but it's none of my business" after talking about something at length that you have, in fact, very much made your business.

    10. Calling the supermarkets Big Tesco and Little Tesco.

    11. Apologising for everything, even when it isn't your fault.

    12. Saturday lunchtime becoming the new 'night out,' thanks to bottomless brunches.

    13. The fear that you get when someone decides to call you without warning, instead of simply texting.

    14. Never knowing whether someone is going in for a single or double kiss on the cheek.

    15. Activating 'airport dad' mode and setting off at least eight hours early.

    16. Speaking of the airport, you can't fault us Brits for our optimism when it comes to wearing summer clothes on the flight home.

    17. Getting the ick over normal everyday occurrences, like running for the bus.

    18. Using random words and phrases like "holibobs" and "chokka", even if they're no shorter than saying the original word.

    19. Feeling like the superior neighbour if you know which bin to put out.

    20. Speaking of neighbours, it wouldn't be right not to utter "you can do mine next" if you spot them washing their car.

    21. Ordering British food abroad.

    22. Men taking their tops off and getting the BBQ out as soon as the weather hits double digits.

    What have I missed? Let me know which British things are normal to Brits, but are actually kinda strange in the comments below!