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Here's Some Movie Scenes We Wouldn't Watch With Our Parents – And Now We Want To Hear Yours

Let's talk about that scene in Wolf of Wall Street .

We all know there's some movie scenes you just don't wanna watch with your parents, and if they came on your face would look a little something like this...

Whether you'd be hiding behind a cushion if Fifty Shades of Grey started playing or squirming watching Kevin and Perry Go Large, there are heaps of saucy, sweary, and downright awkward movie moments that pretty much every grown-up child dreads watching with ma and pa.

Maybe you scramble for the remote if you end up watching the infamous saucy scenes in Basic Instinct or American Pie...

Or perhaps the language and raunchy bits in The Wolf of Wall Street get you escaping to the kitchen for a cuppa?

To give you some inspiration, some of the people I've spoken to said Striptease, American Pyscho, Love and Basketball, and Cruel Intentions had scenes that get them feeling mega awks if their 'rents are in the room.🤯

So, now it's over to you, the BuzzFeed Community... which movie scenes have your palms getting clammy if mum and dad are around? Whether it's tons of swearing or a sexy scene that's a channel-changer, add your picks to the comments below for a chance to appear in a future BuzzFeed post or video!