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What Kids' Films Are Way Deeper Than They Seem?

Toy Story will be covered. *sobs*

If, like me, you love getting all deep and meaningful every now and again, you've probably shed a tear or contemplated the meaning of life unexpectedly while watching a movie.

But have you ever thought about the kids' films that have a deeper meaning? Remember the heart-warming friendships in the Toy Story movies or that we learnt about courage and the power of education from Matilda?

Perhaps you adore the The Tigger Movie where everyone's favourite tiger goes in search of his family, only to realise that he already had one in Pooh, Eeyore, and the gang.

And as an adult, can you see how The Lion King addresses the important subject of death and grief, following the passing of Mufasa?

On the surface, Zootopia appears to be about a group of animals, but it's often talked about for touching on the topic of prejudice.

We'd love to hear which kids' films you've watched and taken a deeper meaning from in the comments below. You could even be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!