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    If You’ve Already Retired From Adulting, Let These 28 Products Take The Hard Work Out Of Everyday Life

    I just wanna live my best life, okay?

    1. This ultra-dreamy 'always' pan has been designed to replace eight pieces of cookware including a frying pan, steamer, and spoon rest. It's practical and pretty, making it the perfect kitchen investment!

    2. This pack of two trolley coins come on keyrings so you'll never forget your change for the cart again!

    3. This fruit huller removes the stems of your strawberries and tomatoes.

    4. Meanwhile, these stick-on wall tiles are ideal for giving your kitchen a freshen up on a budget.

    5. I like how organised these handy chopping boards that come in different colours and labels look. You'll never confuse your meat board with your veg one again!

    6. If you live with other people, then you might just want to nab yourself this dishwasher magnet that lets them know when the dishes inside are clean or dirty.

    7. Want cosy feet and clean floors? You're gonna need these dusting slippers that clean surfaces as you walk!

    8. This bargain defrosting tray helps to thaw food faster, without the need to use the microwave.

    9. This tri-fold LED mirror is ideal for people who travel a lot as it can be folded down to save space and keep the mirrored surface covered!

    10. If you rarely finish your drink before life gets in the way, then these handy drinks can covers sit on the top of your beverage of choice to help keep flies and dust at bay!

    11. Take the hassle out of draining your dinner with this two-pack of silicone clip-on strainers. They attach to the side of your pan for no-fuss food prep.

    12. Store your toothbrush hygienically on the go using these protective travel cases.

    13. Take care of your bougie candle collection by investing in this rather grown-up-sounding wick trimmer.

    14. PSA: I can't believe that this heatproof mat that can be used for your straighteners or curling tongs is less than £2!

    15. And while we're on the topic, you can protect your fingers while styling your hair by using these heat-resistant gloves.

    16. This shower scraper tool can be used to clean both straight and curved edges. The contoured design makes it easy to reduce limescale build-up after a shower, and it comes with wall-fitting stickers so that you can keep it to hand in the bathroom.

    17. If, like me, you loathe the smell of onions on your hands but love them in your cooking, then this holding gadget secures your onion while you chop, limiting contact with your fingers.

    18. These super useful water balls can be used in place of soil for house plants. They gradually release water to the plant's roots!

    19. Upgrade your kitchen essentials with this handheld spiraliser. It makes vegetables into a tasty alternative to spaghetti or noodles.

    20. If your recycling sits on your countertop until you have enough to take out to the bin, then this indoor recycling storage caddy is a must-have. It even has handles to help you carry it out when it's full.

    21. This hanging storage basket clips over your bed frame, meaning you can keep the remote control and your phone within easy reach!

    22. You can now upgrade breakfast time by nabbing yourself this microwave omelette maker.

    23. I can't believe how cheap this pack of two portable lint removers are! They can be used to rid carpets and coats of hair and dust, leaving them looking fresh.

    24. If you're clumsy and forever dropping things in tight spaces, then this magnetic pick-up tool helps you retrieve them. It also comes with a built-in LED to help you see what you're looking for!

    25. Save time in the kitchen with these handy scissors – they have five blades to cut herbs, onions, and seasoning. They also come with a mini comb to effectively brush off any excess food!

    26. If you have kids who can't reach the water while washing their hands, then this tap extender is flexible to fit most sinks. It expands how far the water reaches with no effort on your part!

    27. If you love a night in but have no room for a coffee table, then this armrest organiser is ideal for holding snacks, the remote, your phone, and even a drink.

    28. This door panel kitchen bin can be hung over a cupboard for convenience and it has a 9L capacity!