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    If Your Middle Name May As Well Be TMI, Here’s 41 Problem-Solving Products That Are Worth Oversharing

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    1. These handy toothbrush covers will keep your brush heads protected.

    2. This reusable oil-absorbing roller is made from real volcanic stone and is ideal for blotting away excess sebum.

    3. This non-slip shower foot rest is genius for propping your toes up, making it easier to shave your legs!

    4. If you're sick of chasing your rubbish down the street in the wind, then this two-pack of wheelie bin lock straps will keep the lid secured in place.

    5. These waterless mini toothbrushes allow you to brush conveniently wherever you are, without the need for water – so clever!

    6. This 'first defence' nasal spray claims to help stop a cold in its tracks. It traps and inactivates cold viruses before a full-blown sniffle develops.

    7. If you have a tendency to nibble on your nails, then you might just want to nab this bitter-tasting nail polish that acts as a deterrent.

    8. If your coffee machine is your pride and joy, you might just want to treat it to this all-purpose coffee machine and kettle descaler.

    9. This handy long lotion applicator can be used to massage body products into your back, legs, and feet.

    10. Keep your car tidy by nabbing this useful and kinda cute lil' bin that sits in your vehicle's cup holder. It's perfect if you're that person whose front seat is always filled with junk!

    11. This handy telescopic squeegee is ideal for cleaning window glass that's just out of reach.

    12. This mega-handy anti-blister stick helps to prevent blisters from forming.

    13. If your cleaning stash falls out of your cupboard every time you open it, then this genius space-saving flat mop has a compact bucket that has one compartment for soaking and one for wringing!

    14. For sweaty gym trainers, there's these reusable shoe deodorisers. They contain activated charcoal and prevent mould and mildew buildup.

    15. This ingrown hair lotion exfoliates the skin to reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

    16. Get softer feet in just three days thanks to this Flexitol hard skin and callus balm. It gently exfoliates flaky skin thanks to its blend of alpha-hydroxy acids.

    17. If cleaning your pet's teeth is an *ahem* interesting experience while using a standard brush, then this finger toothbrush is a genius invention!

    18. If your outdoor bins are in need of a serious wash, then this wheelie bin cleaner neutralises odours, while also eliminating 99.9% of germs!

    19. This highly-rated tear stain remover comb gets rid of gunk from around your pup's eyes.

    20. Keep these pocket tissues stashed in your bag for on-the-go emergencies.

    21. And if you have a bunged up baby, then this clever nasal aspirator that clears their nose of congestion boasts a 4.4-star average rating!

    22. This useful body tape is pre-cut, making it super easy for last-minute outfit adjustments!

    23. Get rid of pesky sticker marks with this super-useful sticker remover cleaning solution.

    24. This gorge-sounding apple-flavoured lip scrub will help to get rid of flaky skin on your pout.

    25. If your eyes look tired and puffy, then this re-plumping hyaluronic acid tissue mask with coconut water is here to help! It intensely hydrates, leaving skin feeling firmer and revitalised.

    26. If packing your shoes next to your clothes when you travel gives you 'the ick', then these drawstring shoe bags are the ideal separating solution.

    27. And to keep your feet fresh as the weather warms up, there's this anti-perspirant foot spray that provides toes with 24-hour protection against odours.

    28. This mould-removing foam spray claims to get rid of mucky mildew stains in under 30 minutes!

    29. Get ready for hayfever season with this 8-in-1 nasal relief spray. It helps to relieve nasal congestion and watery eyes, and it's non-drowsy too.

    30. This useful air dehumidifier is a total steal at less than £9! It claims to absorb excess moisture and neutralise bad smells, plus its aerodynamic design means it promotes air circulation. It also doesn't require electricity to run – genius!

    31. If you're impatient with cooking, then this time-saving colander ladle allows you to serve and drain food straight from the pan.

    32. This handy temple balm can be applied directly to the forehead to provide natural relief from headaches.

    33. If you must pick at spots, then this pimple-popping tool kit will help you to do it more hygienically.

    34. Give your mattress a little love by investing in this stain remover that gets rid of all manner of nasty marks.

    35. Get rid of nail glue residue and dirt with this super cheap nail tool. You can also use it to push your cuticles back, FYI.

    36. This bikini line trimmer has an adjustable head and comes with accessories to achieve precise shaping. What's more, the blades don't touch the skin, so it claims not to cause cuts!

    37. And this super handy razor doesn't require soap or water, meaning you can dry-shave wherever you go!

    38. If it's high time you washed your car, then this handy vehicle shampoo cuts through dirt and grime. Amazon customers have awarded it a whopping 4.6-star average rating!

    39. These deep-cleansing tea tree nose strips lift out dirt, grease, and blackheads. Plus, they're super satisfying to use!

    40. These reusable silicone nipple covers have been awarded a 4.3-star average rating. They have a sticky self-adhesive gel that keeps them in place.

    41. Treat your hard skin to some TLC by nabbing this 2-in-1 callus scraper and foot file. It comes with a whopping ten replacement heads and costs less than £4!