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    If You Speak To Your Amazon Delivery Driver More Than Anyone Else These Days, Here’s 41 Cheap Home Buys That Are So Useful They’re Practically An Investment

    Is that the doorbell? No?

    1. This handy letter organiser also doubles as a key holder!

    2. These lemon juice sprayers look so genius – you insert them directly into your citrus fruits so you can spray the juice!

    3. This super useful three-in-one pet scoop acts as a bag-sealing clip, measuring cup, and a food scoop!

    4. If you love cooking but hate the mess of using multiple pans, then this handy one has four compartments making it perfect for eggs, pancakes, and more!

    5. I reckon I'd get so much use out of this clever plug that has three USB ports.

    6. This foldable clothes hanger is ideal for using while drying items or during ironing.

    7. And for your coats or towels, there's this chic and minimalist wall-mounted set of hooks.

    8. Add a pop of spring colour to your WFH space with this flower seat pad. It's less than £6!

    9. If you're in need of a lil' pamper, then this dual foot roller lets you give both feet a massage at the same time.

    10. If you're tight on bathroom space, then this under-sink storage unit is here to help!

    11. This first aid box has satisfying layers to help store your medicines where you can see them.

    12. These 'pinks and pear blossom' scented drawer liners will freshen up your storage.

    13. This genius retractable charging cable can be expanded and then made compact again when not in use.

    14. I can't believe that this hair brush holder also comes with a mirror, brushes, and a comb for less than £9!

    15. This telescopic arm book holder is ideal for hands-free reading at the beach, by the pool, or in the garden.

    16. This self-watering plant pot doesn't have drainage holes making it ideal for using indoors.

    17. Store your spices in style with this two-piece rack organiser.

    18. And this floating wall shelf would be ideal if you don't have the space for a bedside table!

    19. This expandable sink strainer allows you to drain food hands-free, while also being able to store it with ease!

    20. And this highly-rated wall-mounted mirror is giving me hotel bathroom vibes!

    21. These magnetic cable clips organise your wires whether they're in your bag or on your desk. They can also be used to hold pens and more!

    22. This cosmetic pad holder will probably make you feel like you have your life together.

    23. And this pretty lil' holder has a space for your cotton buds and your makeup sponges!

    24. If your pegs are everywhere, then you might just want to nab this drawstring bag to keep them in.

    25. This handy drying mat helps to rapidly dry tableware and kitchenware thanks to its super absorbent microfibre material.

    26. These lil' sock hangers help to keep your socks together during washing and while drying.

    27. This shell bath pillow supports your head, neck, and shoulders while you soak.

    28. This magnetic kitchen utensil set pulls together to look tidy when not in use!

    29. If you wish you could bake, but you're a little on the lazy side, then this Three Ingredient Baking book is a must-have.

    30. Make use of dead space by nabbing this cheap-as-chips pine corner shelf.

    31. This useful shower basket has suction cups for easy installation.

    32. And this hanging towel rack is a great buy at just over £10!

    33. Upgrade your WFH space with this LED desk lamp that has a built-in phone holder, pencil pot, and an alarm clock!

    34. Get ready for those spring garden drinks with this champagne and wine cooling bucket.

    35. And if cocktails are your tipple of choice, then this cocktail-making set is a total steal at under a tenner.

    36. If you've done a wardrobe changeover for spring, then you might just want to look at these foldable clothes storage boxes.

    37. This cheap freestanding toilet roll holder allows you to store up to four rolls at once.

    38. If you've been enjoying spring salads, then this handy salad spinner might just make prepping them way easier!

    39. You can tidy your WFH space using this handy desktop bin.

    40. I love the fact that this condiment box comes with lil' spoons!

    41. And this flexible phone holder can be used in bed, at a desk, or almost anywhere really!