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    If You Often Wonder Who Trusted You To Be An Adult, Then These 31 Useful Products Are A Must-Have

    Because you never asked for this.

    1. This Joseph Joseph split-waste bathroom bin helps you to separate recyclable and non-recyclable bathroom waste.

    2. And for your kitchen, there's this folding hanging rubbish bin.

    3. This washable shoe tray can be used to catch drips and mud after wintery walks.

    4. For those super stiff lids, there's this battery-powered jar opener.

    5. This handy stain remover claims to get rid of stubborn sauce marks and even blood.

    6. True adulting could probably be defined as treating your kitchen to this bamboo foil dispenser.

    7. I can't believe that this compact first aid kit is just £2! It contains 24 pieces including bandages and plasters.

    8. This no-touch door opener tool allows you to be contactless when you need to push buttons or touch surfaces.

    9. Restore your rings to their former glory with this jewellery cleaning bath. It comes with a lil' cleaning brush too.

    10. And if your rings don't fit as well as they could, then this ring size adjuster could be game-changing.

    11. Treat your beauty stash to this makeup brush cleansing spray. It removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria.

    12. If you spend a lot of time in the car, then this set of two seatbelt comfort covers reduce rubbing and friction on your neck and shoulders.

    13. And these car gap fillers will stop your phone or change falling down that annoying dead space between your seats.

    14. This loo roll holder comes with a dinky shelf, making it ideal if you're tight on space!

    15. If you can't bear to be parted from your phone, then this bargainous wall-mounted phone holder is ideal for when you're cooking, or even just chilling in bed.

    16. This highly-rated glass cloth gives a lint and streak-free finish.

    17. This aesthetically-pleasing desktop bin is perfect for those annoying small spaces.

    18. If you're sick of stale loaves, then this set of bread bag sealers securely lock the packaging after opening.

    19. And speaking of useful foodie buys, this 'milk mate' bottle topper enables you to pour more easily from glass bottles.

    20. This reusable blanket fits neatly into a tiny pouch and can be kept in your car for emergencies.

    21. And this travel-sized disinfectant spray that smells of wild rhubarb is ideal for cleaning surfaces while out and about.

    22. If you live in constant fear of spilling your drink while WFH, then this clip-on drinking cup holder that attaches to your desk is genius.

    23. If you hate cleaning awkwardly-shaped items, then this bottle cleaning brush set is here to help.

    24. Keep your rug or doormat in place with these handy floor grips.

    25. If your hob needs some TLC, then this specially-designed cleaning spray is safe for induction and ring hobs, and degreases grimy surfaces.

    26. Sick of not being able to get the last bit out of your fave spread? These mini jar scrapers will help you to remove every last drop!

    27. Wave goodbye to those grim dusty bits in your hairbrush with this mini brush cleaning tool.

    28. Nab yourself these lavender bags to keep your drawers and cupboard smelling fresh.

    29. This coffee capsule recycling kit enables you to recycle Nespresso-compatible pods, lids, and coffee grounds!

    30. Cushion your ankles with this set of heel grips.

    31. And for your bra straps, there's these silicone cushions that help to prevent pressure.