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    31 Home Items That Might Just Have You Waiting For The Doorbell To Ring

    Oh what a lovely sound.

    1. Erm, another autumn scent? I'm saying hell yes to this apple pie, cinnamon, and vanilla candle.

    2. Try telling me that this set of three hurricane candle holders wouldn't be so cosy for winter evenings, I dare you.

    3. This fun mug will amuse colleagues during calls if you're still WFH. It would also make a great gift, just saying.

    4. One cuppa is never enough, so the chances are that you'll also need this mug, which probably speaks for all of us.

    5. If you're a firm believer that breakfast is the best meal of the day, then this personalised eggs and toast board is brekkie goals.

    6. If baking is your thing, then this cute cat print rolling pin will make sure you have the most purr-fect creations going.

    7. I've seen the light and this super on-trend beech wicker shade needs to go in my basket RN. It's totally Insta-worthy.

    8. These vanilla scent sachets will have your drawers, car, or cupboard smelling delicious in no time!

    9. A pretty pink and gold toned accent chair like this one would add some glam to your home office.

    10. This oval planter would transform a dull desk or stale sideboard.

    11. This tongue-in-cheek doormat would be perfect for some of us with *ahem* an online shopping addiction.

    12. Add a personal touch to your space with this sweet multi-photo frame.

    13. I'm sorry but how fun do these rainbow spatulas look? You get six in a pack and they cost less than a tenner.

    14. Now that candle season is upon us this rechargeable electric candle lighter would be a useful buy. Plus, it comes in green so I'm sold.

    15. If this gorgeous rotating spice rack doesn't scream *fancy* then show me something that does. It comes with eight pre-filled jars containing herbs and spices too!

    16. I need this set of four champagne glasses in my life. They're soooo pretty, plus they're dishwasher safe if you hate washing up!

    17. This set of four tealight holders would make a pretty decor piece for a bedroom or lounge.

    18. Plant parents always need new pots, and this set of three succulent planters come with a bamboo tray. Can I just say, they'd look great in your kitchen.

    19. This amusing storage box has a cheeky slogan on each side and would be a fun toilet roll holder.

    20. If this bohemian table runner doesn't say you're winning at being an adult then I don't know what does.

    21. When decor spells out my favourite hobby, I'm all for it. This set of rustic-looking cutting board signs will give your kitchen a mini-makeover on a budget.

    22. This rope hanging floating shelf is giving me Insta-home vibes, and I love it.

    23. You can never have too much storage, and this large rope basket could be used in so many ways!

    24. Did I mention how much I'm loving green RN? These velvet cushion covers are under £8 for two so would be a great way to update your lounge or bedroom on the cheap.

    25. This fluffy sheep doorstop would look adorable at the entrance to a kids' room or nursery.

    26. Bedside lamps don't have to be boring as this unusual yet super-beautiful table light proves! It has three colour modes, and gives a contemporary feel to whatever space you choose to make its home.

    27. Cutlery might not be the first thing you get excited over but please just LOOK at this matte gold toned 16-piece set.

    28. These cute espresso mugs would be perfect to dig out when you need that caffeine fix.

    29. Get cosy with this compliment-worthy woven rug. The on-trend design will bring lacklustre decor up to date in no time.

    30. If you're fed up of an untidy bathroom, then give your bottles a new place to live with this shower caddy basket. The unusual design means it's functional and good to look at. It's also rust-proof and could be used in your kitchen too!

    31. Finally, this gorgeous serving bowl will impress guests and make you feel like a proper adult.