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    43 Handy Items That Might Just Fix Your Toxic Traits

    Bettering yourself just got way easier.

    1. If you're forever leaving towels lying around, then you might want to invest in this gorgeous matt black holder.

    2. Guilty of rinsing dishes and forgetting to give the sink a once-over afterwards? This stainless steel strainer plug is for you.

    3. Is your fridge in need of a good clean? If so, add these fridge deodorisers to your basket, quick!

    4. If you're sick of apologising for the state of your back seat whenever you give someone a lift, might I suggest you treat yourself to a car bin like this one. It has a 13L capacity and an odour-sealing lid.

    5. I'm wondering if you can remember the last time you gave your washing machine a good freshen-up? Buy this descaling and antibacterial cleaner and you might be surprised at the results!

    6. Speaking of washing things, I want to know how clean your hairbrush is? This brush cleaning set will remove hair and dust.

    7. This makeup brush washing set includes a solid soap cleanser and a colour removal sponge.

    8. Sick of the other half of your avo going to mush? Store it in this fresh pod to keep everyone's fave breakfast treat edible for longer.

    9. This spray and go shower cleaner allows you to spritz after showering, and leave on to get to work. Lazy cleaners, you can kiss goodbye to rinsing!

    10. If you're forever regretting not leaving enough time to do your hair in the mornings, then this highly-rated cordless hair curler lets you style on the go. No more choosing between a good hair day and an extra half an hour in bed!

    11. Will everyone who is guilty of leaving the lights on please stand up! If you feel seen, then you should probably treat yourself to a smart bulb that's compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

    12. People who can never find matching socks will surely think that these drawer organisers are a complete game-changer.

    13. If you never manage to finish a cuppa before it goes cold, then you need a mug warmer. This one looks good enough to keep your WFH aesthetic cute, too.

    14. If you dread cleaning day, then this scented disinfectant can be used neat or diluted. It's safe to use on most hard surfaces including toys, bins, spray handles, and floors.

    15. This silicone facial cleansing brush is ideal for anyone who is lazy with their skincare routine. The vibrations provide gentle deep cleaning to help lift away impurities, dirt, and excess oils. It also has an adjustable speed setting too!

    16. Calling all pasta lovers! If you always make too much, then take the guesswork out of portion sizes with this spaghetti measurer.

    17. If you're always dehydrated, you should probably think about getting yourself a water tracker bottle. It's like having someone there to remind you to drink, only without being shouted at!

    18. Forgot to charge your phone before you left home? No problem – simply add this slim portable power bank to your basket and worry no more.

    19. If you're clumsy but love wearing white, then this fabric stain remover is just the thing to add to your wash.

    20. These glasses holders for your car are ideal if you have a bad habit of breaking your shades.

    21. If you loathe mopping, then a spray mop like this one will have you finding an excuse to clean the floors every day of the week.

    22. This wall-mounted coat rack will stop serial jacket slingers in their tracks. Plus, it looks pretty nice too.

    23. Hate waiting around for beauty products to be rinsed off? This leave-in hair conditioner has been specially formulated for damaged hair. It moisturises, softens, and helps to protect your locks from daily damage.

    24. Imagine how much better your selfies would look with a clean mirror. Invest in this glass cleaner for windows and mirrors and wonder no more.

    25. Forever using too much washing up liquid? Enter this dispensing cleaning brush to save the day! Add your washing up liquid, and this handy scrubber will dispense the product as you clean.

    26. We've all been there – your week starts off with good intentions and a trolley of fruit and veg, then ends with some sad looking spinach and a mouldy carrot. Sound familiar? Meet your new waste-saving BFF, the ecoball. These handy little balls help to extend the life of fresh food in the fridge – genius!

    27. If you're sick of an untidy bathroom then you might just want to take a look at this free-standing toilet roll holder. It even has a little shelf to store other items on top!

    28. This mini food chopper would be ideal if you've ever opted for packet sauces so you don't have to cut ingredients...don't worry, your secret's safe with me.

    29. If you occasionally forget that your fave clothing item could do with a refresh just when you need to wear it, then this dry wash clothes spray will revive it for you. It'll have it looking, feeling, and smelling like laundry day has just been.

    30. This handbag organiser will save you serious rummaging time. If you're returning to the office and need to get organised, add it to your basket now.

    31. People who get their wires in a twist (it me!) should probably think about buying these cable organisers. *quickly adds to basket*

    32. If you spend too much coin on takeaways due to a lack of organisation, then you'll probably need this magnetic daily planner and to-do list.

    33. Anyone who says flossing is their idea of fun is probably lying, so I'm just saying that maybe this water flosser is what you need.

    34. Can you remember the last time you cleaned your drains? These drain sticks require very little effort – simply add one to your sink and let it get to work.

    35. Boot season is no excuse to neglect your feet. This pack of two foot peeling masks painlessly exfoliates tootsies leaving your skin feeling super soft.

    36. There's always one person in every house who constantly wants the heating on. This cute hot water bottle will save on bill-related squabbles and keep you toasty.

    37. If you don't make enough time for yourself, then this gratitude journal helps you to reflect on your day, and treasure the good times.

    38. Up your storage game and de-clutter with this cotton bud organiser pot. Not only will it look cute in your bathroom, but you'll easily see when you need a top-up.

    39. If you're always losing the remote control or your phone, then this holder will probably be the best money you ever spent. There's three in this deal, so there's no excuse!

    40. Serial spillers need this stain remover kit in their lives. Whether you're a red wine spiller, or a clumsy cook, this set contains just what you need.

    41. Chipped nail varnish can be whipped off in seconds with this handy remover pot, minimising mess and fuss. It also contains a red berry and vanilla fragrance, leaving talons smelling delish.

    42. This space-saving table top ironing board will come in handy if, like me, you're lazy and only get it out on special occasions.

    43. If you're guilty of using too many disposables, these reusable cotton pads would make a very worthwhile investment to remove makeup and apply toner. They'll also save you some serious coin over time, too.