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    20 Fun And Festive Buys Under A Fiver That Your House Probably Won't Want To Be Without Come Christmas Morning

    Just cover me in tinsel and call me "Frosty."

    1. This rather festive tea has a mulled wine flavour without the alcohol, making it the perfect Christmas morning brew.

    2. And for the coffee drinkers, there's these Irish cream flavoured granules!

    3. Nab the kids this Santa flying license and watch them squeal with delight.

    4. These 'winter comforts' wax melts will have your home smelling like festive goodness.

    5. How flipping adorable are these cutlery holders?

    6. Baking lovers, stop what you're doing and grab yourself this highly rated fragrance oil that smells of Christmas cookies!

    7. Imagine stirring your festive cuppa with these Christmassy stainless steel spoons!

    8. If you want a subtle alternative to a Christmas jumper, then this set of two pairs of festive earrings are ultra cute!

    9. And if you have a pooch who wants to join in with the festivities, might I suggest this adorable bandana?

    10. This totally cute (and totally delicious!) festive Lindt cracker would be a good addition to the dinner table.

    11. This festive wooden tree bunting would look cute draped across a table or hung on the wall.

    12. Nab yourself this Rudolph table confetti ASAP!

    13. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, these snowflake lights are less than £4!

    14. Make a bougie Christmas coffee with these festive latte stencils!

    15. How cute are these snowflake paper straws?

    16. And don't forget these candy canes to add to your hot chocolate!

    17. And you can put a Christmassy twist on games of Snap! for the little ones with these festive cards!

    18. For the adults, there's this cheeky Christmas tongue twister game.

    19. Decorate your champers or Christmas breakfast with these mini Santa hats!

    20. They may be a teeny bit over the fiver mark, but this set of Christmassy photo props contains a whopping 39 pieces!