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    36 Everyday Essentials On Amazon That Are So Loved, They Have Over 10,000 Ratings

    Can you believe how popular these are?

    1. This Dr. Beckmann carpet stain remover with a built-in brush head has over 11,000 ratings, and trust me, it's good!

    2. If you have oily skin, then this oil-free charcoal cleanser claims to deep clean and purify the skin.

    3. Need some more interdental brushes? This pack of eight have been rated over 13,000 times and can be used to clean even the smallest gaps between your teeth!

    4. Okay, so this might be a treat rather than an essential, but I couldn't resist because this premium cinnamon syrup has more than a whopping 20,000 ratings!

    5. Who doesn't love a new body wash? This hydrating coconut one that contains no SLS or parabens is from the Faith in Nature range that has been rated thousands of times!

    6. Get a dreamy wintery mani with this shiny finish nail varnish that dries in 60 seconds.

    7. This hand cream for extremely dry and cracked hands has got buyers seriously impressed!

    8. Who knew a peeler could be so exciting? Well, this easy manoeuvre one clearly is judging by how much reviewers love it.

    9. If you can't be without an essential oil, then this cedarwood one has left reviewers super satisfied with their purchase.

    10. IMO an electric blanket is probably an everyday essential in winter, and this double comfort control one is a very decently priced option!

    11. The Command range has a huge amount of Amazon reviews and these decorating clips will be so handy for when it's time to put the Christmas decs up. They won't leave any residue on your walls when it's time to take them down either.

    12. If your cutlery needs a refresh, then you might want to check out this knife sharpener that has been rated over 42,000 times!

    13. Keep your clothes in good nick with the Philips fabric shaver which is hugely popular by the looks of things!

    14. Getting comfy just got easier with these deep sleep pillows!

    15. These eyebrow and facial hair razors are super cheap and they've been rated over 25,000 times!

    16. This bargain eight pack of XXL kitchen rolls has been designed to mop up large spills thanks to its extra long and ultra absorbent design!

    17. I mean obvs chocolate is an everyday essential for most people, so it's no surprise that this box of Lindt truffles has been rated more than 43,000 times!

    18. Speaking of yummy things, this bumper pack of 80 Tassimo Americano pods is an Amazon bestseller!

    19. This Method anti-bac all purpose cleaner in the scent wild rhubarb has got the ratings flooding in!

    20. This calming therapeutic shampoo is really affordable and claims to alleviate itching and reduce scalp flaking!

    21. The Flash powermop starter kit includes a whole lotta cleaning items including ten refill pads, four batteries, and a 500ml cleaning solution.

    22. This milky Garnier micellar water for dry and sensitive skin has amassed a huge number of ratings, and for good reason!

    23. This highly rated mould spray boasts more than a whopping 20,000 reviews! It claims to remove all brown and black stains caused by mould and fungus.

    24. If you wear makeup regularly and you're in the market for new brushes, then the Real Techniques everyday essentials brush set that includes four bestselling brushes and two sponges comes highly rated by Amazon customers!

    25. Almost 15,000 people have left a rating for these lint free microfibre cleaning cloths! They're ideal for cleaning a number of surfaces without leaving any streaks behind.

    26. According to TikTokers a milk frother is practically an essential, so this electric one is going in my basket.

    27. Now is probably a good time to stock up on Christmas decorating essentials, and this two pack of reusable adhesives costs less than £2.

    28. If, like me, you adore organisation, then an embosser like this much loved one will probably become an everyday essential.

    29. Method products are a fave among cleaning fans, and this floor cleaner with a refreshing lemon and ginger scent is a bestseller on Amazon.

    30. If you've never tried a Burt's Bees lip balm, this is your sign to give them a go. This popular original one is made with beeswax, vitamin E, and coconut oil to hydrate a dry pout!

    31. This pack of three luxe-looking antibacterial jasmine and apple blossom hand washes are fragranced with apple, mandarin, violet, and jasmine!

    32. These super pretty pens in rose gold packaging look fancier than their £1.99 price tag!

    33. OMG, the TikTok famous CeraVe moisturising lotion has almost 17,000 ratings, and who am I to argue?

    34. The Seche Vite professional top coat is fast-drying, long-lasting, and ridiculously popular.

    35. There's a reason Garnier hair masks are so well-reviewed. This macadamia and coconut one for frizzy and unruly hair is smoothing and has a vegan formula.

    36. Have you ever seen a gold coloured toilet brush? Me neither! This one comes with a holder and features silicone bristles that are really easy to clean.